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Archives for May 10, 2010

Anna Quindlen Tackles Motherhood And Marriage

Photo: AP/Daily Beast

Best-selling author and columnist Quindlen takes on parenting, domesticity, and relationships in her 6th novel “Every Last One.”  She writes about how life can unravel.

To read the article:

Daily Beast

To view an interview:

YouTube at Borders

What do you do when you lose control of your life?

Rosalynn Carter Wants To End Mental Health Crisis

Photo: Rick Diamond/The Carter Center

The former first lady has written “Within Our Reach” to document her findings on the mental health crisis, an issue she has been involved with for decades.   Mrs. Carter  says recovery and prevention are possible and refutes much current thinking on the topic.  According to her, we must act now to change things forever for mental health patients.

She’ll be appearing speaking in San Francisco Aug. 13 to promote her book.

Check out:

San Francisco Chronicle Interview

Question:  Do you know someone with mental health issues and are they getting proper treatment?

Stefanie Wilder-Taylor Blogs on Mom Alcoholics

Stefanie Wilder-Taylor is a comedienne who has written “it’s not me, it’s you” and “Sippy Cups are not for Chardonnay” and blogs on Baby On Bored. She recently participated in ABC’s 20/20 program about alcoholics who are moms because she didn’t want other mothers to be embarrassed about their drinking habits.

Check out:

abc news

Stefanie’s blog

Do you think drinking affects  relationships with children?  Have you had a personal experience?