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Archives for September 13, 2010

Amy Ernst Blogs On The Brutal Rape And Raw Strength Of Congo Women

Amy ErnstAmy Ernst trained and volunteered as a rape crisis counselor in Chicago before deciding that she would move to the Democratic Republic of Congo to see how she could help victims of sexual violence.

She’s currently working in North Kivu with COPERMA, a local organization that has started ten centers for rape victims, demobilized child-soldiers, and displaced children and families.

I learned about Amy when I read her guest blog in Nicholas D. Kristof’s column in the New York Times. She described there the horrendous sexual violence against women and children in the Congo. Her raw determination to help the people affected by war was apparent.

I wanted to find out what persuaded her to relocate to this unsettling chaos. What did she hope to accomplish in a place that’s been called “the rape capital of the world?”

“I have never in my entire life understood the strength of humanity as much, and more specifically, the strength of women, as I do here…”

The photos on this post are the property of Amy Ernst. You can see many of her pictures on her blog.

This week I had the opportunity to ask Amy about her challenging work and tireless dedication to these people… [Read more…]