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Archives for February 2011

Dominique Browning Blogs on India Trip

Dominique Browning

If you haven’t read Dominique Browning’s blog posts on Slow Love Life about her fascinating trip to India, you must. She recently returned from an amazing two week journey which she helped lead along with the travel company Elevate Destinations. This group supports Good Weave, an organization that works to end illegal child labor.

Her photos are absolutely enchanting! Her writing couldn’t be more inspiring! You feel as if you are there through her keen eye and observations.

Dominque Browning's Photo of her favorite marigolds

Dominique's photo of her favorite marigolds


She writes her last India post about doing the “Laundry on Sunday”. You’ll see amazing photographs of women as they gather to do their wash around Udaipur Lake, a scene that she says has been going on for hundreds of years, a scene that can be replicated all over India.

Dominique Browning

Dominique Browning's photo of Indian women washing clothes

Dominique’s adventures lead you through the state of Rajasthan. As she rides on the back of an elephant, she finally understands “how long those treks across India must have felt.” From witnessing women doing highway maintenance, to crashing festive wedding parties, to finding marigolds and the color everywhere, she took it all in.

Going to the house where Gandhi spent his last months and seeing the glasses of her childhood hero was one of the highlights of her trip.

Dominique's Photo on trip to India of Gandhi's glasses

Dominique's photo of Gandhi's glasses

This is how Dominique sums up India:

“It is achingly difficult, emotionally draining to see the poverty and filth…India is also a brilliantly beautiful place, full of imagination and creativity and craft, a place in which the past is as alive as the present–often there doesn’t seem to be a line between past and present–and there aren’t many places in which one gets a sense of that in our country.”

Please read Dominique’s blog and take your own trip to India through her eyes. It’s a very worthwhile experience.

Gayle Lemmon On The Amazing Dressmaker of Khair Khana

Gayle Lemmon

Twitter: gaylelemmon

UPDATE 3/14/11: Gayle launches her new book in New York

UPDATE 3/7/11: Gayle wrote the Newsweek cover story on Hillary Clinton’s War for Women’s Rights

Hillary Clinton Cover Story

Gayle Tzemach Lemmon is a reporter extraordinaire when it comes to covering the women of Afghanistan. Few journalists have Gayle’s tremendous insight and knowledge of the important issues affecting women there. Her articles have appeared in a variety of publications including The Daily Beast, The Huffington Post, CNN, and the New York Times.

“I want to shine a light on the true story of the tenacity and courage of these women…” Gayle Lemmon

Her exclusive story on Bibi Aisha, the teenager whose nose and ears were cut off in retaliation for her escape attempt from an abusive marriage in southern Afghanistan, gained international media attention.

Since 2005 she’s been researching women entrepreneurs in post-conflict economies. Her book on one courageous survivor, The Dressmaker of Khair Khana, will be published mid-March. A Publishers’ Weekly review says it “offers inspiration through the resourceful, determined woman at its heart.”

I interviewed Gayle about her powerful reporting last year. In that article she described Kamila, the dressmaker, as an amazing person whose business created jobs and hope for 100 women in her neighborhood during the Taliban years.

Gayle was determined to tell Kamila’s story. I’ve wanted to find out more about this brave and intrepid woman ever since that last interview… [Read more…]

Katrina Kenison On The Gift Of An Ordinary Day

Katrina Kenison

By Stacey Gualandi

UPDATE 8/2/15–Take a look at Katrina’s newest blog, Solitude.”

UPDATE 9/29/13– Take a look at Katrina’s inspiring blog, “September Afternoon.”

UPDATE 1/28/13–Katrina Shares Her New Book, “Magical Journey”

UPDATE 2/20/11–Katrina’s First Day at Kripalu


Author and mother Katrina Kenison has captured a movement, one ordinary moment at a time, thanks to her book, The Gift of an Ordinary Day: A Mother’s Memoir, a popular blog, and the second most-watched book trailer online that you can see below.

“Begin each day with gratitude for what IS rather than worrying so much about what still might be.” Katrina

Katrina simply asks us to appreciate that parking spot that magically appears, the birds chirping as you walk your dog, your young son saying “thanks” for the fun day you just had….moments so simple and ordinary, and gone in a flash.

While it’s a mother’s memoir, it appeals to even the non-moms like EYE contributor Stacey Gualandi. As she says, “After talking with Katrina, I realized ordinary has universal appeal, and I understand my mom so much more. We also found out we both practice yoga. I teach and she’s about to become a teacher herself!”

And for the first time, Katrina’s sharing with us news about her next plans…something her fans and readers will be excited to hear!!! [Read more…]


Gabe Zimmerman and Kelly O'Brien

Gabe Zimmerman and Kelly O'Brien/The Yuma Sun

Two women living at opposite ends of the country. …

Both have one thing in common this week…

They want new gun legislation. Their plea is to make it illegal to buy extended magazines for handguns.

First to Arizona and Kelly O’Brien, the fiancee of Gabe Zimmerman, Rep. Gabrielle Giffords’ staff member, who was killed in the Tucson tragedy. Who can forget those 19 victims of gunfire, fired upon within 15 seconds a month ago.

Kelly O'Brien on Good Morning America

Kelly O'Brien on GMA

This week Kelly stepped forward out of the shadow of the recent horror to make a plea. In an exclusive interview with George Stephanopolous of Good Morning America here on this link, she said she is supporting a new state bill, HB 2711, that would in essence reduce the amount of bullets in a magazine to ten.

She reminded George that Jared Loughner was stopped when he ran out of bullets. “I believe, even if not Gabe, other people could have been saved that day,” she said.

Rep. Carolyn McCarthy

Rep. Carolyn McCarthy

And now to the East Coast and New York. Rep. Carolyn McCarthy has separately been working on a bill, H. R. 308, targeting the same high capacity magazine clips. This bill would include banning the manufacture and importation of new magazines holding more than 10 rounds of ammunition.

You’ll see Rep. McCarthy speaking out about gun control at the Brady Center in the above video in 2009. She’s been pursuing this type of legislation for 14 years. She talks movingly on her website about her experience with senseless violence.

“I know what it’s like to have tragedy brought to your life in a split second by a madman with high-capacity ammunition magazines,” she said. Her husband was killed and son seriously wounded by a gunman on the Long Island Railroad in 1993.

Two women. Two different tragedies involving guns. Will they be heard?

One blogger’s reaction to Kelly: “I hold out little hope of success for passage in this radical Republican dominated Arizona Legislature.”

One website’s reaction to Rep. McCarthy: H. R. 308 would severely violate the fundamental, individual right to keep and bear arms for self-defense.

These women have tough mountains to climb. Let’s follow their fight.

For more information:

Office of Rep. Carolyn McCarthy

Office of Rep. Steve Farley who proposed HB 2711

Dalia Ziada Blogs To Help Bring Democracy To Egypt

Dalia Ziada

UPDATE: 3/1/11: Dalia to speak at the Women in the World Summit, NYC–March 10-12

DALIA ON TWITTER: @daliaziada


Dalia Zaida is a human rights’ activist and popular Egyptian blogger. Her writings before and during the current uprising provide insight into the causes behind the revolt and the confliinterview-dalia-ziada-7069ct between pro and anti-government groups.

“I wish my country be the best country in the world. And the only way to make this happen is to first bring democracy and apply it.” Dalia Ziada

Time Magazine called this translator, researcher, lecturer, and poet a champion of Muslim Rights. She’s the recipient of the Anna Lindh Euro-Mediterranean Journalist Award, 2010.

Dalia Ziada

Dalia in Time Magazine

When I saw in the Daily Beast how passionately Dalia took to the streets to protest and read her blogs, I wanted to track her down to ask her about her experiences during these tumultuous times in Cairo. In spite of her chaotic life right now, she took the time to answer my questions… [Read more…]

Marsha Wallace On How Dining For Women Wants to Feed the World

Marsha Wallace, Dining for Women

UPDATE May 20, 2013: Dining for Women will celebrate it’s 10th Anniversary–Their Decade of Dreams–June 21-23–in Greenville, South Carolina.

While meditating in 2002, Marsha Wallace had a vision: “What if every month you meet with your gal pals, you take the money that you would normally spend at a bar or restaurant, and then donate that money to help poverty-stricken women and girls half way around the world?”

“I do believe if you ask you will receive. We’re best when we’re living with purpose.” Marsha Wallace

Sounds like a simple concept right? Well, that inspired idea became DINING FOR WOMEN, Marsha’s organization that now boasts over 200 chapters in the U.S. and in three countries, and has raised over $946,000 for 48 charities in developing nations.

Marsha Wallace Diing for Women

Atlanta Dining for Women Chapter

EYE Contributor Stacey Gualandi confesses cooking is not her thing, but dining out with friends is. And she was looking for a fun way to make a difference. So she connected in more ways than one when she spoke to Marsha.

Her passion, enthusiasm, and initiative was so compelling, Stacey will be starting the first DFW chapter in Hollywood, CA, in February… [Read more…]


Lucrecia Lovera VHS Handbag Designer

Handbags made out of old VHS tapes?

Who would ever think to recycle these tapes into purses? This article on 2space.net piece gives credit to designer Lucrecia Lovera above. I have piles of these old tapes around my house and wonder: Why I didn’t think of that?

Laptops and Soon Dresses

Not only is Lucrecia designing bags, but laptop cases, and soon dresses. Reuters produced a video you’ll see in this Huffington Post piece showing how she does it. Her first idea was to use audio tapes, but she says they were the wrong color–brown. Then she went on eBay and found 500 videotapes for sale.

Lucrecia Lovera's VHS Handbags

The rest is history. The company making these unique items is retape and the concept fascinating. The idea is to combine modern, obsolete material with traditional handcrafting techniques. Every bag is made from a different movie tape.

Anything is possible!

Reuters says she spends 6 hours to make a handbag. Sometimes she adds leather. So start looking around your house for items that you would never dream of recycling and put them to use. If videotapes can be made into purses, anything is possible!

And once you see the incredible video above, you’ll know see what 3000 vhs tapes can do. Think of what Lucrecia could make with these!