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Thank you so much for subscribing to The Women’s Eye and listening to The Women’s Eye Radio Show!

The site is almost two years old so we thought it was time to give it a new design. Here’s a sneak peek at the Home Page of our new site. It features a slider for our recent interviews and an easier, photo-rich way to see the wide range of inspiring women we’ve covered at The Women’s Eye.

TWE Screenshot Homepage

You can dive into their stories, listen to their interviews and learn about their endeavors as they make a difference throughout the world.

We appreciate you taking the time to read our articles and listen to our radio program hosted by Stacey Gualandi on 1480KPHX and the live stream at 148oKPHX.com.

The new site will be live SOON, and we hope you like it. Please give us your feedback. It’s a process, and we are constantly evolving the look and content.

Feel free to suggest people and stories that you’d like to see on the site by contacting The Women’s Eye. It’s great to hear from you!


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