TOP 10: Katie Couric: Lynsey Addario’s Portraits of War

L:ynsey Addario's photo/ interview with Katie Couric

Katie Couric– Lynsey Addario’s Portraits of War:–2/9/15–Photo: Lynsey Addario

TOP 10: ‘Who Knows Tomorrow’ Author Lisa Lovatt-Smith

Lisa Lovatt-Smith, author Who Knows Tomorrow--Photo; Book Cover, Random House

‘Who Knows Tomorrow’ Author Lisa Lovatt-Smith:–2/8/15–VIDEO

Ultramarathoner Molly Sheridan Motivates Women to Run for Adventure

Molly Sheridan/from Molly to TWE

Ultramarathoner Molly Sheridan

By Stacey Gualandi (@StaceyGualandi)/February 3, 2015
Photos Courtesy Molly Sheridan

TWITTER: @DSAdventures

Ultramarathoner Molly Sheridan is a self-professed “warrior goddess.” This mother of three is a motivational speaker, trainer and entrepreneur, and has over 50 ultramarathons under her belt. An ultra race is anything over 26.2 miles, which makes Sheridan’s accomplishments even more amazing.

“I encourage people, women especially, to walk, power walk, run. It doesn’t matter how fast or slow, as long as you’re moving.”   Molly Sheridan

She didn’t run her very first marathon until she was 48! But in her book, Running Past Midnight, she says we all have it in us to go the distance. Now, she has set a new course for helping others. Sheridan hopes to motivate women to get moving because she is living proof it’s never too late to start.

I ran my first marathon to celebrate my 40th birthday but haven’t run much since. Now, after Molly joined me recently on The Women’s Eye Radio, I realized I needed more adventure in my life and signed up for my first race in ten years! Here is an excerpt from our conversation…   [Read more…]

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TOP 10: Internationally Acclaimed Australian Thorn Birds Author Dies Age 77

Colleen McCullough author of Thorn Birds/Photo: ABC News file

Internationally Acclaimed Thorn Birds Author Dies, Age 77:–1/29/15–Photo: ABC News/File

TOP 10: Ina Garten Was Born to Cook

Ina Garten and Serena Altschul on CBS This Morning/Photo; CBS News

Ina Garten Was Born to Cook: Serena Altschul––1/25/15–Photo: CBS News

TOP 10: Illustrated Memoir Recalls Marching in Selma at Just 15

Lynda Blackmon Lowery's Book/

Illustrated Memoir Recalls Marching in Selma at Just 15: Arun Rath––1/19/15

TOP 10: Glenn and Jessie Close Reveal Family Struggle with Mental Illness


Glen Close and sister on Resilience book/

Glenn and Jessie Close Reveal Family Struggle with Mental Illness:–1/13/15–Photo: CBS Screenshot

TOP 10: “Unbroken” Author Opens Up About Her Own Personal Struggle

Laura Hillenbrand, author "Unbroken"

“Unbroken” Author Laura Hillenbrand Opens Up About Her Own Personal Struggle:–12/30/14–VIDEO

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