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TOP 10: On Earth Day, Look to Women for Innovation and Impact

Earth Day Image on Huffington post

On Earth Day, Look to Women for Innovation and Impact: Lorena Aguilar–huffingtonpost.com–4/22/14

TOP 10: Women Who Broke the Rules in Nepal

Nepal Women/Photo: Arantxa Cedillo

Women Who Broke the Rules in Nepal: Coburn Dukehart–npr.org–10/9/13–Photo: Arantxa Cedillo

TOP 10: Hillary Clinton: Women’s Rights Unfinished Business of the 21st Century

Women in World Summit--2013

Hillary Clinton–Women’s Rights Unfinished Business of the 21st Century: Joanna Molloy/Corky Siemaszko–nydailynews.com–4/6/13

Mary Skinner’s Special Film “Irena Sendler–In The Name Of Their Mothers”

Mary Skinner documentarian

By Pamela Burke

UPDATE 3/20/13: For more current information about the Irena Sendler film, visit this facebook page.

UPDATE 2/26/12:  This documentary just won the 2012 Gracie Award for Outstanding Documentary in Public TV

Mary Skinner is a former marketing executive turned documentarian. She’s recently released the remarkable film: Irena Sendler, In the Name of their Mothers, the story of a group of young Polish women who outwitted the Nazis to save thousands of Jewish children from certain death during WWII.

“It was sad to me that few people outside of Poland knew anything about these people.” Mary Skinner

The story is told through the perspective of 95-year-old Irena Sendler, her co-conspirators, and several of the children they saved. Mary was always struck by the story and the “moxie” of the women.

Irena Sendler

She alerted us to her documentary as it was about to be broadcast on PBS in May, writing that it was an inspiring story of feminine moral courage that she hoped people would view. We wanted to know more about this powerful and moving film. Mary filled us in on the details of her journey to make it…

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TOP 10: Your Veil is a Battleground

Kiana Hayeri's photo from "Your Veil is a Battleground"

Your Veil is a Battleground: James Estrin–nytimes.com–5/29/12–Photo: Kiana Hayeri

Top 10: The Fierce List–2012, More Mag

Amber Miller, marathon runner

MORE Magazine’s The Fierce List, 2012: MORE Editors–more.com–5/23/12–Photo: Amber Miller

TWE TOP 10: Kristen Gillibrand Offers Bill to Put Women on Front Lines

Kirsten Gillibrand Offers Bill

Kristen Gillibrand Offers Bill to Put Women on Front Lines: huffingtonpost.com–5/16/12

Motivational Speaker Brenda Warner On Family, Fame And Faith

Brenda Warner author "One Call Away"

UPDATE 10/21/15:  Nov 1-14, OFS, & team up 4 to provide winter coats 4 people in region!

By Stacey Gualandi

TWITTER: @warnerbrenda

A husband cheats. A son is left with brain damage after an accident. A mother and father are killed in a tornado. A divorced single mom is forced to live on food stamps. A Marine marries a soon-to-be Super Bowl champion. It sounds like the plot of a typical Hollywood script, but it’s actually one woman’s real life.

“I realized while writing my memoir that I was always one call away from that phone call that changed my life in a split second.”
Brenda Warner

Brenda Warner's book "One Call Away"In her poignant memoir, “One Call Away,” Brenda Warner recounts her life – the blessings as well as the tragedies – and how faith and her family have helped pull her through the most difficult of life’s challenges. She is the wife of NFL superstar-turned-television host Kurt Warner, but now this 44-year-old former Marine is fast becoming a star in her own right.

She is a sought after motivational speaker, a best-selling author, and a tireless supporter of those in need through the First Things First Foundation she and Kurt began 10 years ago. And she does this while raising seven kids!!!

I’m not quite sure how she found the time to talk with me on “The Women’s Eye Radio Show“, but I feel blessed that she did… [Read more…]