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The Women’s Eye Reflections for the New Year 2012–#1

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2012 I stock photo paid for by TWE

Yes, another year has come to a rapid end, and it’s time once again for The Women’s Eye to reflect and move forward. We’ve had the opportunity to interview an amazing array of inspiring and thoughtful people both for the site and our radio show, and we thank them all.

They had fascinating observations on their state and the state of the world. We thought we’d share some of their words of wisdom as we begin 2012. And here’s a big thank you to all the folks who visited our site this past year…

Nikki Hardin, TWE Reflections for 2012

Nikki Hardin, Founder of “skirt!” Magazine

“The magazine “skirt!” reflects what fascinates me. I hoped that what I was interested in would be interesting to others. I had no desire to do something that was just commercially viable… it’s not predictable like a national women’s magazine.”


Bea Johnson, TWE Reflections for 2012

Bea Johnson, Zero Waste Crusader

“Now that we are decluttered and have simplified things, we feel lighter as if a huge weight has been lifted off our life. I could leave whatever I have behind. I’m not attached to things anymore and am rather attached to my family, friends, health and happiness.”


2012 I stock photo paid for by TWE

Eleanor Clift, Journalist

“The Gabrielle Giffords shooting was a circuit breaker that prompted everybody to do some needed self-examination. The result is a renewed tone of civility. That doesn’t mean the partisan fights are over, but there might be less name-calling….everyone is rooting for her.”


Marsha Wallace on 2012 Reflections for TWE

Marsha Wallace, Founder of “Dining for Women”

“I wouldn’t have started it had I had some grand huge vision. I feel gratitude that the idea resonated so well with people because it never felt that I was trying to pound a square peg into a round hole. It really did take on a life of its own.”


Katrina Kenison for 2012

Katrina Kenison, Author

“We can dig in our heels and hold on to what was, but holding on for dear life never seems to work. Or we can take that leap of faith into something new and embark on this magical journey. Once you willingly take the first step on a path, it’s amazing the way the support you’re looking for comes to you.”


Dalia Ziada for TWE 2012

Dalia Zaida, Blogger in Egypt

“Women want a better life for themselves and their families. As I say in my blog, the most encouraging feature of the upheaval is the massive participation of women, not only the young and educated who use the internet but the grassroots and uneducated older women from rural cities.”


More to come

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