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The Women’s Eye Reflections for the New Year 2012–#2

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2012 I stock photo paid for by TWE

We wanted to share more quotes from our TWE Interviews during the past year. Our subjects had a lot to say about their lives and conditions around the world. Here are words to ponder from some of our articles…

Gayle Tzemach Lemmon for TWE Reflections 2012

Gayle Tzemach Lemmon–Journalist

“The resiliency and determination of the people I meet in Afghanistan keeps me coming back to this story…I want to shine a light on the true story of the tenacity and courage of these women and help people in the United States see how committed they are to creating a better future for their families and their nation.”


Susan Edwards for TWE Reflections 2012

Susan Edwards–Documentarian

“Nothing was done about the Nashua River because of indifference, fear of job loss, and skepticism. Nobody believed it could be rescued. The catalysts for change were individuals like Marion Stoddart who were considered crazy people. They had a vision and knew what was possible.”


Rebecca Welsh HALO for TWE Reflections 2012

Rebecca Welsh–Creator of “HALO Foundation”

“I hope we can just reach as many children as we possibly can. Hopefully that’s thousands, and one by one we can bring them in from desperation. If we think of it in terms like that, it can make sense and we can stay away from being overwhelmed.”


Kim Barker for TWE Reflections 2012

Kim Barker–Journalist

“I’ve always been of the philosophy that if you’re going to write these stories, you’re going to have to feel them. You’ve got to tell the emotional story. But if you let yourself open up like that, every single time you let yourself feel, it will take its toll.”


Sarah Brokaw for TWE Reflections 2012

Sarah Brokaw–Author

“I felt it was about time for women in our age group to de-stigmatize the aging process, particularly between 35-40. I felt it was the time for us to just say we can sit here and feel irrelevant and be angry, or we can redefine what it is to be in our 30’s and 40’s and beyond.”


Farzana Ali for TWE Reflections 2012

Farzana Ali–Journalist in Pakistan

“The only purpose is to serve the womenfolk. I found that I have helped thousands of women by just reporting, whether it was about their health, education, finances or any issue. By highlighting these stories, I always find myself a catalyst in resolving issues.”


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