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PHOTO OF THE WEEK: Thanksgiving Turkey For Dessert

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Celebrate Thanksgiving with Easy-To-Make Turkey Treats CherylStyle

You know that we’re always looking for simple and fun new ideas for holiday desserts. These tempting treats dreamed up by lifestyle expert and author Cheryl Najafi look like they would bring smiles from future eaters and be a blast for the whole family to make. And NO BAKING NECESSARY!

Cheryl Najafi Turkey Cookies/CherylStyle

We don’t want you to think we indulge ourselves with cookies and sweets all the time (although we do salivate over them!), but once in awhile, we eye something very tempting and these qualify!

If you’re an entrepreneur or just love creative recipes and crafts, be sure you check out guest host Gloria Feldt’s interview with Cheryl!

Enjoy!  And have a cookie!

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