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Interview: Journalist Lynn Sherr On Why Swimming Is Her Passion and Salvation

Lynn Sherr, photo from book jacket "Swim"

By Stacey Gualandi/June 25, 2012

For more than 30 years, Lynn Sherr was a correspondent for ABC News, and I watched her religiously every Friday night on 20/20.  But this talented writer has also authored many books on all kinds of topics from Susan B. Anthony to giraffes.   Her latest book is on an unlikely subject, but one that I found out is her great passion and joy, swimming!

“The water is where I go to meditate, to celebrate, and to just feel better no matter what I’m looking for.”  Lynn Sherr

I was thrilled to talk to her on The Women’s Eye Radio Show about Swim: Why We Love the Water, her outstanding career in broadcasting, and even how we all started out as fish.  Here’s an excerpt from that interview…  [Read more…]

Stefanie Wilder-Taylor Blogs on Mom Alcoholics

Stefanie Wilder-Taylor is a comedienne who has written “it’s not me, it’s you” and “Sippy Cups are not for Chardonnay” and blogs on Baby On Bored. She recently participated in ABC’s 20/20 program about alcoholics who are moms because she didn’t want other mothers to be embarrassed about their drinking habits.

Check out:

abc news

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Do you think drinking affects  relationships with children?  Have you had a personal experience?