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TWE RADIO: Writer Beth Howard On Life, Language and a “Hausfrau Honeymoon”

The Women’s Eye Radio host Stacey Gualandi talks to Author Beth Howard, about life, language, her book “Hausfrau Honeymoon”.

TWE RADIO: Writer Beth Howard On Life, Language and a “Hausfrau Honeymoon”

Stacey Gualandi, TWE Radio host with guest Beth Howard, Author of Hausfrau Honeymoon - Love, Language, and Other Misadventures in Germany

Stacey Gualandi, TWE Radio Host

Beth Howard, Author of Hausfrau Honeymoon - Love, Language, and Other Misadventures in Germany/Photo: Beth's selfie

Beth Howard, Author of Hausfrau Honeymoon

By Stacey Gualandi/October, 2018

Don’t miss our NEWEST episode of The Women’s Eye Radio with Stacey Gualandi and Beth Howard, the author of her third book, Hausfrau Honeymoon – Love, Language, and Other Misadventures in Germany.

AKA the “Pie Lady, Howard is no stranger to The Women’s Eye. She joined us on the air once before to talk about her last book, Ms. American Pie, which is full of recipes, stories and creative ideas on all-things-pie.

Beth Howard book/Photo: P. BurkeThe prolific writer, who once lived in the historic American Gothic house in Eldon, Iowa, now resides on an Iowa farm, and that’s just where I caught up with her to talk about her latest memoir.

The self-described adventurous free-spirit (“I’m not good at following rules.”) has worn many hats: Kenyan coffee company entrepreneur, pie stand owner, dotcom web producer, PR specialist, blogger and even a former “baker to the stars.”

And for four years in the 2000s, she was an out-of-her-element newlywed, living with her husband Marcus in Stuttgart, Germany.

In her signature “lively”style, Hausfrau Honeymoon could be considered an anti-love letter to Germany as Howard tackles the language barrier, chauvinism, and (lack of) car cupholders in her newly adopted home.

“Nothing against Germany, but it doesn’t fit my personality. It may be my rebellious nature,” says Howard.

Beth Howard i nfront of her Gothic House rental, Iowa/Photo Courtesy Beth Howard

Beth and her pups at the American Gothic House

Beth Howard, author of a “Hausfrau Honeymoon” discusses her book, love, life and language.

She shares the good, the bad and the ugly about Germany but admits living there “totally expanded my life experience. You don’t know how much time you have left so I always write with a sense of urgency, especially after a sudden loss.”

Howard wrote the book 12 years ago while struggling to adjust to her foreign surroundings and new marriage. Now, it is a prequel of sorts to her first book, Making Piece, about the sudden death of her husband, and how baking pies helped her cope with the horrible grief.

Howard says Hausfrau Honeymoon is about girl power and learning to take charge of your life, no matter the circumstances. Despite her first uneasy go-around in Germany, she says she’d definitely do it again. After all, it gave her a bookful of material and, as she says, “My life is so much richer for it.”

You can see evidence of Beth’s piemaking skills below. For more info, check out Beth’s website.

Beth Howard pies from a piemaking session

Delicious strawberry pies right out of Beth’s oven/2014

FACEBOOK: Find Beth on Facebook

TWITTER: @worldneedspie

WEBSITE: Beth’s Website

“Pie Lady” Beth Howard and Her Merry Bakers on the Fourth of July

Beth Howard, Ms. American Pie/Home & Family Photo, Hallmark

Beth Howard, Home & Family Show/Hallmark

UPDATE 7/24/15: Beth’s World Piece Tour: Making Pie Around the World to Promote Cultural Tolerance, Summer 2015

By Pamela Burke/July 5, 2014

Photos and Video: Daniel Broten

Beth’s Twitter: @worldneedspie


Ms American Pie book by Beth HowardWe met Beth Howard, AKA the “Pie Lady,” on The Women’s Eye Radio Show earlier this summer.  She authored the wonderful cookbook, Ms. American Pie, to raise pie consciousness, share terrific recipes and show how pies can be healing agents.

We like Beth’s approach to cooking and, thanks to her good advice, have been making pies ever since reading the book. When she told us she might be having her last Pitchfork Pie Stand gathering this weekend in Eldon, Iowa, we wanted to take you readers there for this special event.

It’s been a glorious tradition in that part of the world, so to help give it its place in pie history, we are sharing this video and the photos furnished by Beth below taken at her home in the famous American Gothic House.

Video shot by Daniel Broten in one hour of pie-making

It takes a lot of planning and an army to make the 200 pies Beth sells at her pie stand on the weekends, especially for this big holiday. There’s a lot of produce to buy…

Beth Howard shopping for pie produce/Photo: Daniel Broten

strawberries to get ready with volunteers helping…

Beth Howard's Fourth of July piemaking with volunteers, Eldon, Iowa/Photo: Daniel Broten

and the preparation of dough.

Beth Howard rolling dough for 4th of July pies/Photo: Daniel Broten

See how fabulous they look coming out of the oven…

Beth Howard, Pie Lady, pies for 4th of July, 204/Photo: Daniel Broten

and then onto the tables.

Beth Howard pies for 7/4/14/Photo: Daniel Broten

Thanks to all the volunteers and neighbors, the pies were almost all gone in 90 minutes. Luckily there are a few ingredients left to make more to get through the weekend. Beth reports you can still get Apple, Apple Crumble and Cheese. LATE BREAKINGS NEWS: The last piece of pie has been sold!

Beth Howard's Merry Bakers/7-4-14/PHoto: Daniel Broten

The Pitchfork Pie Stand is officially closed now. Thanks to Beth Howard and her Merry Bakers for sharing their pie-making magic!

Strawberry pies by Beth Howard, Eldon, Iowa 7/4/14/Photo: Daniel Broten

Remember the strawberries? Here they are bubbling in their pie tins. Don’t expect to get one, though. They sold out as fast as they came out of the oven! We can almost taste them!