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PHOTO OF THE WEEK: Hillary Clinton: First Female Nominee of a Major Political Party

Hillary’s Historic Night

Hillary Clinton's Big Night, 7/28/16--Photo: Screenshot

Photo: MSNBC Screenshot

PHOTO OF THE WEEK: Hillary Clinton Becomes Presidential Nominee

Hillary Clinton Breaks the Glass Ceiling
Becomes First Female Nominee of Major U.S. Political Party

Hillary Clinton Breaks Glass Ceiling--Screenshot

Photo: NBC Screenshot

TOP 10: Hillary Clinton Begins Her Entry into 2016 Presidential Race

Hillary Clinton book "Hard Choices"

Hillary Clinton Begins Her Entry into 2016 Presidential Race: Gearan/Rucker–washingtonpost.com–4/11/15

TOP 10: Chelsea Clinton Makes Her Move

Chelsea Clinton Fast Company Cover

Chelsea Clinton Makes Her Move: Danielle Sacks–fastcompany.com–4/30/14

TOP 10: Chelsea Clinton in Charge

Chelsea Clinton/Clinton Global Initiative

Chelsea Clinton in Charge: Maggie Haberman–politico.com–9/28/13–Photo: Clinton Global Initiative

Hillary Clinton Excited To Call Clinton Foundation ‘My Home’

Hillary Clinton/Clinton Foundation

Hillary Clinton Excited to Call Clinton Foundation ‘My Home’: Ken Thomas–huffingtonpost.com–6/13/13–Photo: Clinton Foundation