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Cardborigami Inventor Tina Hovsepian’s Unique Plan to End Homelessness

Tina Hovsepian – Inventor of Cardborigami: A Unique Solution to Ending Homelessness.

Tina Hovsepian – Inventor of Cardborigami: A Unique Solution to Ending Homelessness.

Tina Hovsepian – Inventor of Cardborigami: A Unique Solution to Ending Homelessness.

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Be sure to tune in to Stacey’s BRAND NEW interview for The Women’s Eye Radio with Tina Hovsepian (@TinaHovsepian), the inventor of Cardborigami, origami-inspired homeless shelters!

Seeing a need to combat the ever-present homeless problem in Los Angeles, this full-time architect created a solution: a collapsible, transportable cardboard shelter.

In just seven years, it’s the invention that keeps on giving. In addition to helping people get off the streets and back on their feet, Cardboragami shelters are now being used to help those impacted by natural disasters, most recently in Mexico following the devastating earthquake.

twe-radio-tina-hovsepian | Tina Hovsepian | The Women's Eye Magazine and Radio Show

Tina Hovsepian

twe-radio-tina-hovsepian-in-shelter | Tina Hovsepian in Cardborigami Shelter | The Women's Eye Magazine and Radio Show

Tina Hovsepian in Cardborigami Shelter

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We first profiled Tina and Cardborigami for The Women’s Eye in 2015; now she is one of several women who are featured in the recently released 20 WOMEN CHANGEMAKERS as a proponent for change who is taking action around the world.

TWE BookKeep an eye on her because this young innovator is just getting started!

Listen to Tina Hovsepian’s Interview and more TWE Interviews from The Women’s Eye Radio Show on iTunes.

PHOTO OF THE WEEK: 9-Year-Old Hailey Ford Builds Shelters for Homeless

Hailey Ford, Homeless Advocate at 9, Believes “Everyone should have a place to live.”

What an amazing young architect-builder! Hailey Ford decided she would make a shelter for Edward, a homeless man, so that he would be protected from bad weather.

9-Year-Old Hailey Ford Builds Shelters for Homeless/huffingtonpost.com

Her project, says Cameron Keady at the Huffington Post, has grown to 11 shelters she hopes to build in Bremerton, Washington with the aid of a $3,000 grant she’s recently received.

We understand she has a garden she tends to give food to needy people as well.  Hats off to Hailey for being so industrious and caring!

See also our story on architect Tina Hovsepian and her portable cardborigami shelters for the homeless.

INTERVIEW: Tina Hovsepian On Ending Homelessness With Cardborigami Shelters

Tina Hovsepian at Women in the World, 2015

Tina Hovsepian at The 2015 Women In the World Summit, New York City/4-24-2015

By Patricia Caso/June 3, 2015
Photos Courtesy Tina Hovsepian and Cordborigami Team

TWITTER: @TinaHovsepian

Architect Tina Hovsepian is quickly becoming a godsend for the homeless, globally. When I saw her unique design of a portable cardboard home based on origami, the ancient art of paperfolding, I was fascinated by the simplicity and genius behind it.

“Cardborigami provides a jumpstart for someone who doesn’t have much. It provides privacy, which you and I take for granted.”  Tina Hovsepian

Tina calls her shelter cardborigami. And, Cardborigami is also her proactive organization for transitioning one homeless person at a time off the streets. People from Nepal and 92 different countries are already interested in obtaining and learning more about Tina’s invention.

She took some valuable time out from her schedule in Los Angeles to speak with me about her visionary ideas….    [Read more…]