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Pulitzer Prize-Winning War Journalist Carlotta Gall On Getting the Story Right

Carlotta Gall, NY Times Reporter/Photo: Hiromi Yasui

Carlotta Gall/Photo: Hiromi Yasui

By Patricia Caso/May 25, 2014

Twitter: @carlottagall

For twenty years British journalist Carlotta Gall covered the volatile conflicts in Chechnya, Kosovo, Serbia and other wartorn countries. She spent the last dozen years reporting from Afghanistan and Pakistan, winning a Pulitzer Prize for her work at The New York Times in 2009.

“All reporting should be about the humanity. I did learn early on that wars are all about the people. They are not about the generals ordering in the tanks.” Carlotta Gall 

Carlotta takes on a controversial subject in her latest book, The Wrong Enemy: America in Afghanistan 2001-2014, where she questions whether Afghanistan should have been the target for war. I was fascinated and excited to speak with Carlotta about her dedication towards her  profession. She has a passion for getting the story right from the front lines while facing tremendous danger … [Read more…]