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TWE TALK: Entrepreneur and Podcaster Mai Ling Chan Builds Bridges for the Disability Community

Mai Ling Chan recording her Xceptional Leaders podcast

By Patricia Caso/October 28, 2019
Photos: Courtesy Mai Ling Chan

Women are making change in all kinds of creative ways! I read recently this encouraging statistic: roughly 15 percent of people with disabilities have started their own businesses – from their homes, through franchises, and in start-ups – and the number is growing!

But it’s not always easy to navigate these entrepreneurial waters. Mai Ling Chan, a speech-language pathologist and business strategist, has a passion for helping people thrive and shine in these new arenas with her innovative XceptionalED company, online courses and her Xceptional Leaders Podcast.

“I discovered by tapping into my entrepreneurial spirit, creating online offerings and podcasts and collaborating with other disability experts, I could make an impact.” Mai Ling Chan 

Mai Ling gave me some valuable time to discuss her changemaking ideas, passion to advance the world of the disabled and her unique approach to make businesses focused on those challenged successful… [Read more…]