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PHOTO OF THE WEEK: Meet the Women Behind NASA’s Mission to Pluto

NASA’s New Horizons’ Flyby Team on the Pluto Mission is about 25% Women

Here is the amazing array of NASA’s talented women who helped power the historic spacecraft to Pluto recently. Lauren Zalaznick featured this outstanding team photo on her LZSundayPaper.com.

New Horizons Flyby Team NASA at Johns Hopkins University lab 3 days before Spacecrafts closest approach to Pluto/Photo: SwRI/JHUAPL

Dozens of women helped to make the epic flyby happen on July 14 when the spacecraft came within 7,800 miles of the planet’s frigid surface. The new photos of Pluto are awesome!

As Cathy Orkin, a deputy project scientist, said, humbly, “New Horizons is about a group of talented, smart people who are passionate about the mission. That’s what makes them awesome.”

You can stay in touch with this mission on Twitter #PlutoFlyby and on Facebook.