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INTERVIEW: Estella Pyfrom’s Brilliant Bus Closes the Digital Divide

Estella Pyfrom, founder of The Brilliant Bus

Estella Pyfrom, creator of the Brilliant Bus/Photo: Aaron Zigler

UPDATE 10/29/15: How This Startup Secured Coverage by CNN, NBC and The Super Bowl

UPDATE 2/4/15: Microsoft’s Super Bowl Commercial, 2015: Estella’s Brilliant Bus

By Patricia Caso/May 6, 2014
Photos below: Christopher Bivens
TWITTER: @EstellaPyfrom

Estella Pyfrom, a 2013 CNN Hero, is simply “Gadget Lady” to the kids she serves on Estella’s Brilliant Bus. This second oldest daughter of seven children grew up in the segregated South. She was part of a migrant worker family that traveled from Florida to New York and back during the summer months.

“I had to think of a way to get technology out to the underserved neighborhoods. I knew I was going to need a vehicle of some kind…so my option was a bus.”   Estella Pyfrom 

Four years ago Estella retired after 50 years as a teacher and guidance counselor in Palm Beach County, Florida. When we spoke recently, I found there was no “tired” in retired for her. She could not turn her back on the kids whom she knew were falling behind because they had no access to a computer. Her brilliant solution?

Buy a bus, outfit it with computers and roll it  into underserved neighborhoods to beat the digital divide between the haves and the have-nots. Thus, the Brilliant Bus…

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