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FUN STUFF — Attention Dog Lovers! Come see Fetch!

Dog Metal Sculpture "Fetch" by Sue Cretarolo | Photo: Pamela Burke

As I was walking through the exhibits at the Sausalito Art Festival, I came upon a pup so beguiling that he stopped me in my tracks. He wasn’t jumping up and down, nor begging for food, but standing at complete attention.

I learned his name was “Fetch” and instead of hair or fur, he was covered in wrappings of metal artistically placed all over his body.   

His creator, Sue Cretarolo, helped me understand this wondrous piece of art made from metal and found objects. She explained that she covered her husband Jon’s specially designed plywood base with a multitude of layers carefully shaped and bathed in beautiful patinas. Pieces of copper, brass and foil became Fetch’s coat.

Dog Art "Fetch's" Head by Sue Cretarolo | Photo: Pamela Burke

Sue at Cretarolo Design lives in Washington and concentrates on painting and metalwork. Deep patinas characterize her style as you can see on Fetch’s “fur.”  Here’s how she describes her artist’s Eye:

“I am drawn by the way most humble objects and common images–a weathered chair, a rustic piece of metal, the layer of paint on an old wall–can create connections between past and present.” 

Thanks for sharing Fetch, Sue. By the way, he is for sale to the right owner. You can find out more about the pup and take a look at Sue’s art here.

Story and Photo by Pamela Burke/September 3, 2012