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TOP 10: Hillary Clinton Shatters America’s 240-Year-Old Glass Ceiling

Hillary Clinton wins Dem nomination 6/7/16/Photo: CNN Screenshot

Hillary Clinton Shatters America’s 240-Year-Old Glass Ceiling: Eleanor Clift–dailybeast.com–6/7/16–Photo: CNN Screenshot

TOP 10: Ken Burns Eyes the Roosevelts

Eleanor Roosevelt--Library of Congress

Ken Burns Eyes the Roosevelts: Eleanor Clift–dailybeast.com–3/31/14–Photo: Library of Congress

TOP 10: When Newsweek Women Said ‘No’

Newsweek Covers--8/16/71 and 3/23/70

When Newsweek Women Said ‘No’: Eleanor Clift–thedailybeast.com–12/24/12–Newsweek Covers 8/16/71 and 3/23/70

Top 10: HBO’s ‘Veep’ Showcases Hopeless Politicians in the Hot Seat

Julia Louis-Dreyfus in "Veep"

HBO’s ‘Veep’ Showcases Hopeless Politicians in the Hot Seat: Eleanor Clift–dailybeast.com–4/21/12–Photo: Bill Gray/HBO

Top 10: Women World Leaders Share Lessons

Eleanor Clift on Women World Leaders Share Lessons

Women World Leaders Share Lessons: Eleanor Clift–dailybeast.com–1/14/12

The Women’s Eye Reflections for the New Year 2012–#1

2012 I stock photo paid for by TWE

Yes, another year has come to a rapid end, and it’s time once again for The Women’s Eye to reflect and move forward. We’ve had the opportunity to interview an amazing array of inspiring and thoughtful people both for the site and our radio show, and we thank them all.

They had fascinating observations on their state and the state of the world. We thought we’d share some of their words of wisdom as we begin 2012. And here’s a big thank you to all the folks who visited our site this past year… [Read more…]

Eleanor Clift On Gabrielle Giffords And The Washington She Knows

Eleanor Clift

UPDATE 10/1/13: A wonderful article by Eleanor on her career at Newsweek–The Magazine That Was–My Final Issue after 50 Years at Newsweek

By Pamela Burke/January 30, 2011

Twitter: @EleanorClift

Eleanor Clift is a well known Washington journalist whose insider reporting appears in Newsweek and the Daily Beast. You’ve probably seen her as a regular contributor to the nationally syndicated show “The McLaughlin Group” firmly holding her own with the other vociferous panelists.

Her recent article “The Gabrielle Giffords I Know” in the Daily Beast recently caught my eye. The story that began as a memorial and ended as a tribute appeared the day the Congresswoman was shot. Eleanor recalled remarks Rep. Giffords had made the week before on two panels she shared with her at Renaissance Weekend in South Carolina.

“Gabby’s attitude makes us appreciate our public servants. The last election cycle or two they’ve been the object of such animosity.” Eleanor Clift

I wanted to ask Eleanor about this personal story and get her reflections on Giffords and the country as the weeks have passed. She was kind enough to offer her observations… [Read more…]