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The Women’s Eye Reflections for the New Year 2012–#2

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We wanted to share more quotes from our TWE Interviews during the past year. Our subjects had a lot to say about their lives and conditions around the world. Here are words to ponder from some of our articles… [Read more…]

Sarah Brokaw Talks “Fortytude”: Facing 40 and Beyond

April 28, 2011

Sarah Brokaw, author of "Fortytude"

Sarah Brokaw


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Psychotherapist Sarah Brokaw talks about the fears of facing 40 and beyond.  Her book  “Fortytude” is climbing the best-seller list.


Sarah Brokaw On Fortytude, Fear, And Facing 40

Sarah Brokaw

UPDATE 5/7/15: ‘Awful’: Tom Brokaw’s Daughter Recalls Hearing About Her Dad’s Cancer Diagnosis; he said on his NBC Special tonight that his cancer is now in remission.

By Stacey Gualandi/March 30, 2011

Twitter: myfortytude

Sarah Brokaw has hit a nerve with the 40-and-older crowd with her new book “Fortytude – Making the Next Decades the Best Years of Your Life through the 40’s, 50’s, and Beyond.” Facing the big 4-0? She says have no fear.

“Having Fortytude means realizing that while you can’t control what happens, you can control your reactions.”

Yes, Sarah is related to that other famous Brokaw. Tom is her father. Her mother, Meredith, is a successful entrepreneur. Yet Sarah navigated her own successful path. By 30 she became a licensed psychotherapist and certified coach, but like so many women, she wanted to marry and have a family.

Sarah Brokaw

Sarah’s personal story inspired her to write “Fortytude.” She interviewed hundreds of women from all walks of life for the book. Of course, being in my 40’s, I knew this book would speak to me. Not only did it speak to me, it shook, slapped and snapped me right into a new way of thinking!

I’ve had a love/hate relationship with my 40’s so Sarah addressed my personal problems, or “sparkling moments” as she calls them. Now I’d like to share our stories with you… [Read more…]