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TWE FUN STUFF: Artist Kathy Ross Mixes Media With Wonder And Whimsy

Artist Kathy Ross Mixed Media Artist/Photo from Kathy to TWE

Artist Kathy Ross with “Tin Head” sculpture/Photo: Marvin Carlson

By Pamela Burke/October 15, 2014

Every once in a while a piece of art like the one above will stop me in my tracks.  We at TWE are art lovers, and, as you might have guessed, are particularly fond of whimsical pieces that make you chuckle and wonder. One such artist caught our eye at the Sausalito Art Festival this year.

“Ideas come from the river. Ideas come from other ideas. Here’s how it works: a) Get an idea. b) Water it.”  Kathy Ross

Kathy Ross calls herself a mixed media sculptor. To get an idea of just how mixed her media is, think cereal boxes, wooden coasters, tons of maps, cookie tins, broken jewelry, zippers, noodles from the swimming pool and mountains of found objects.

We just had to find out how Kathy comes up with these indescribably delightful pieces…  [Read more…]