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Interview: Holly Gordon On Empowering Girls to Transform the World

Holly Gordon, EP Girl Rising

Holly Gordon, Executive Director of Girl Rising

By Patricia Caso/October 28, 2013
Photos Courtesy of Girl Rising

TWITTER: @girlrising

Breaking the cycle of worldwide poverty is a monumental endeavor. Enter Holly Gordon, the architect behind Girl Rising, a movement to educate adolescent girls around the world aiming to alter their unacceptable course of inequality.

“When we start to value girls for their minds, all over the world, we will be honoring their greatest asset. Girl Rising is really about raising the value of the girl.”  Holly Gordon

She is also Executive Producer of the gutsy, inspiring film Girl Rising, which is at the heart of the movement. The movie tells the stories of nine girls in nine developing countries to depict how education can be transformative.

I was already affected by Pakistan’s Malala Yousafzai’s remarkable story about girls’ rights to education and wanted to find out more about this innovative movement. I grabbed a few minutes with Holly, a lifelong journalist, to learn more about directing an international strategy for mandating equality in education…. [Read more…]

Coming to TWE: Holly Gordon, Executive Producer of ‘Girl Rising’

TWE will be interviewing Holly this month about the groundbreaking film, Girl Rising, and the impact of the International Day of the Girl.

Girl Rising “is a film, a movement and now…the future”
~Girl Rising

PHOTO OF THE WEEK: Girl Rising Celebrates International Day of the Girl

The United Nations declared October 11, 2013 International Day of the Girl! Girl Rising celebrates with events around the world during the month.


The groundbreaking film and movement from 10×10 has launched a global social action
campaign to invest in adolescent girls. Their motto: “Educate Girls, Change the World.”


The movie explores girls’ lives and the barriers they face. Its aim is to drive resources
to young people like Ruksana below. Girl Rising is organizing events
and screenings to recognize girls’ rights in October.


Girl Rising--India shoot--10x10

Screenwriter Sooni Taraporevala wrote the script for the segment of Girl Rising
that features 11-year-old Ruksana, a young artist living on the pavement and
spending nights at a shelter with her family. She seldom misses a day of school.


Behind the scenes photo of Ruksana in Kolkata, India, by Dyu D’Cunha

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Girl Rising Documentary interstitial

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