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Don’t miss this weekend’s BRAND NEW Women’s Eye Radio Show with Catherine Anaya. Our guests on this show are committed to helping others in life-changing ways. 

Joining Catherine is Dena Patton is an award-winning transformational coach who will talk about “igniting change” in people, especially entrepreneurs.

Also on the program is Letitia Frye, a motivational speaker, humanitarian and auctiontainer, who will discuss how to overcome traumatic situations and how to succeed no matter what obstacles you are experiencing.


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Letitia Frye


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TOP 10: Alison Thompson: Leading By Being ‘In the Right Place at the Wrong Time’

Alison Thompson and Syrian Refugee/Photo: C.hris Morrow/Forbes

Alison Thompson: Leading By Being ‘In the Right Place at the Wrong Time’: M. Fox–forbes.com–6/8/16–Photo: Chris Morrow

PHOTO OF THE WEEK: A Tribute to Kayla Mueller in Prescott, Arizona

Remembering American Aid Worker Kayla Mueller in her Hometown

You can’t pass by the corner of Montezuma Street and Gurley in downtown
Prescott, Arizona, without noticing the loving tribute to Kayla Mueller, the
hometown girl taken hostage by ISIS whose death was recently confirmed by her family.

Tribute to Kayla Mueller in Prescott, Arizona 2/11/15/Photo: P. Burke/TWE

Personal notes, beautiful white roses with a sign that says “Please Take One for Kayla,”
balloons, stuffed toys and a pink hat have been placed around a simple sign.

We saw people pausing and remembering Kayla for being brave and having a
spirit that moved her to go on her personal journey of purpose.

Her close friend Eryn Street spoke about Kayla’s devotion to humanitarian causes
this week in azcentral.com. “I’m not yet sure how to live in a world without Kayla,
but I do know we are all living in a better world because of her.”

RIP Kayla…

Photo: P. Burke

TOP 10: Community Remembers Kayla Mueller

Kayla Mueller/Photo: Mueller family

Community Remembers Kayla Mueller: azcentral.com–2/10/15–Photo: Mueller Family

TOP 10: 99-Year-Old Superstar Seamstress DIY Person of Week

Rachel O'Neill Distributes Lillian Weber's Little Dresses for Africa/yahoo.com

99-Year-Old Superstar Seamstress DIY Person of Week: Lizbeth Scordo–yahoo.com–11/13/14–Photo: Little Dresses for Africa

RandomKid Founder Talia Leman Harnesses The Power Of ANYone

Talia Leman, founder of RandomKids

UPDATE October 5, 2012: Talia’s book, A Random Book About the Power of ANYone,  was published this week. Congrats, Talia!

By Stacey Gualandi/May 29, 2012

Talia Leman book

Talia’s new book came out 10/2/12

Talia Leman.  You may not recognize that name now, but you will.  When it comes to helping people around the world, she is fast becoming a household name.  Talia was just 10-years-old when she set out to assist survivors of Hurricane Katrina.  She and kids all around the country helped raise millions.

“I wanted to create a place to provide all the tools and resources for kids to achieve whatever goal they set for the world.”  Talia Leman

Now, just seven short years later, she is the C.E.O. of her own non-profit, RandomKid.  This organization is about helping kids to help others, and as a result, it creates global problem solvers.

I got the chance to talk with this teenage innovator recently on The Women’s Eye Radio Show.   And while she would deny it, Talia Leman is anything but a random kid as you’ll see in this excerpt from that interview…     [Read more…]

Carie Lemack On The 10th Anniversary Of 9/11 And Ending Terrorism

Carie Lemack

UPDATE 9/11/14: Thinking of Carie and her family today

UPDATE 9/10/13: Thinking of Carie and her family on this 9/11/13

UPDATE 9/10/12: Thinking of Carie and her family on this 9/11/12

By Stacey Gualandi/August 12, 2011

Facebook: globalsurvivorsnetwork
Twitter: globalsurvivors

It is hard to believe that it has been ten years since 9/11. I remember a panicked phone call I received that morning from my office. I went to work (for Inside Edition) and covered the events that unfolded, never fully comprehending what had taken place or how the country would move forward from such tragedy.

“My life’s mission is to live a life that my mom would be proud of. And that’s what I try to do everyday.” Carie Lemack

Now as we approach the tenth anniversary, we meet Carie Lemack, one woman who never stopped working tirelessly on behalf of survivors of terrorism and their families.

Her mother, Judy Larocque, was on American Airlines Flight 11 that tragic day. Carie’s devastating loss took her on an unprecedented journey to make sure no one else suffers as she has.

Carie Lemack and kids

Carie visits London school to warn against extremism/2009

In 2009 she formed Global Survivors Network, an organization that helps people directly affected by terrorism to reach out across the globe in hopes of preventing future terror acts. Their first documentary short, “Killing in the Name,” received an Oscar® nomination last year. The film will be making its television debut on HBO this Fall.

UPDATE 9/9/11–“Killing in the Name” about one person’s mission to expose the true cost of terrorism debuts Sept. 14, exclusively on HBO2. It can be seen there on other playdates during September.

On the eve of the 10th anniversary, Carie spoke candidly to me about her loss, her work, and the new face of terrorism… [Read more…]

Maman Marie Nzoli, A Congolese Unsung Hero


By Amy Ernst, Contributing Writer and Photographer/Congo

Amy’s Blog

I arrived in North Kivu, Democratic Republic of Congo in April, 2010 from Chicago. I was introduced to Maman Marie Nzoli through a local Catholic priest who knew of my desire to help survivors of sexual violence. I work alongside COPERMA, the NGO that Maman founded in 1983, raising funds, doing identification of new survivors of rape, and helping arrange medical and psychosocial support for all victims of the war.

“I want so badly for the violence against women to stop.” Maman Marie

The work I do is miniscule compared to that of Maman Marie and the loyal COPERMA team. She has established 12 centers that have assisted thousands of men, women, and children over the years around Butembo.

Maman handing out food

Maman handing out food

Even though they often aren’t paid, Maman Marie and her team work tirelessly, never turning down anyone with need nor hesitating to go into a dangerous situation. They’ve subsisted mostly on selling potatoes cultivated by beneficiaries of COPERMA.

She’s an unsung hero and an endless inspiration to me. Here is what she told me recently in her small concrete office in Butembo, Democratic Republic of Congo… [Read more…]