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Writer Chaithanya Sohan Puts a Face on the Immigrant’s Journey

Chaithanya Sohan, co-author of America Deconstructed/Photo Courtesy Chaithanya Sohan

Chaithanya Sohan, coauthor America Deconstructed/Photo: American Photobank

By Patricia Caso/January, 2019

For this installment of TWE’s First Time Authors, we found America Deconstructed, a compelling anthology of sixteen immigrants who have come to America and their experiences adapting as new citizens. From a boy who escaped the Taliban to a love story of an African couple negotiating the American culture, these narratives illustrate immigrants’ struggles and resilience.

“We hope our book can create tolerance among people. As people I think we need to celebrate differences, and accept individuals for who they are.”  Chaithanya Sohan

Chaithanya Sohan and her coauthor Shaima Adin know the heartbreak and sometimes humorous situations immigrants find themselves in because they are immigrants themselves. Chai gave us some insight into why they wrote on this timely subject and the drawn-out journey they went through to publish it…   [Read more…]