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The Women’s Eye Reflections for the New Year 2012–#4

TWE iStock Photo for 2012 Reflections

We’re into the new year now and the balloons have been launched, but we think there’s still time to reflect on what more of our women had to say about their world as they saw it in 2011. Here are some quotes to ponder as we all take on the challenges of the coming months… [Read more…]

Kimberly Fowler On YAS, Yoga And The No Om Zone

Kimberly Fowler By Stacey Gualandi

Facebook: KimberlyfowlerYAS
Twitter: @kimberlyYAS

Kimberly Fowler never met an obstacle she couldn’t overcome. She was diagnosed with a brain tumor 25 years ago. She was hit by a car while competing in a triathlon. And she almost died after falling during a climbing expedition. What helped her survive these unbelievable challenges? Kimberly says yoga.

“When I was diagnosed, I said not only am I not going to die, I’m going to get into the best shape of my life.”

She is the founder of YAS Fitness centers in and around Los Angeles and has created her own style of workouts called Yoga For Athletes and a yoga-and-spin hybrid known as YAS. Now this former attorney-turned-entrepreneur hopes to inspire everyone to make yoga a part of their lives.

UPDATE: Sunday was Kimberly’s 2nd annual three hour “spin-a-thon” for Think Cure to raise money to fight cancer. Their goal was to raise $150,00. They beat it and raised over $175,000!

Kimberly Fowler in classroom

Kimberly teaching yoga at YAS Venice, CA

When I first interviewed Kimberly four years ago for Multiplicity Media, she made an undeniable impression on me. I decided to set a goal and become a YAS instructor myself, but it was scary and certainly not easy. So now I want everyone to experience Kimberly Fowler’s fearlessness… [Read more…]

Kimberly Fowler on Yoga and “The No Om Zone”

June 4, 2011

Kimberly Fowler

Kimberly Fowler


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Kimberly Fowler–entrepreneur and author of “The No Om Zone“, founder of YAS fitness centers