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TWE INTERVIEW: Award-Winning Producer Stacey Reiss On Her Passion for Filmmaking

Stacey Reiss, filmmaker and producer

Filmmaker Stacey Reiss/Photo: Richard Shepard

UPDATE 5/29/19: New York Times Review “The Perfection”– A Thriller in the Key of Crazy

By Patricia Caso/March, 2019

When we last spoke with filmmaker Stacey Reiss she had just produced the award-winning movie The Eagle Huntress. Since that time we noticed that she’s been very busy producing three fascinating films that have been receiving a lot of attention: Daughters of the Sexual Revolution, The Untold Story of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders; The Perfection; and her most recent HBO release, It’s a Hard Truth Ain’t It.

“As a producer, I always want to make films that are engaging, entertaining and cinematic – whether they are shot in Mongolia or behind prison bars.   I’m often drawn to stories from people whose voices are underserved…”  Stacey Reiss

TWE wanted to catch up with Stacey to find out more about the challenges of producing her new films and the current popularity of documentaries like RBG and the Academy Award-winning Free Solo[Read more…]

Producer Stacey Reiss On THE EAGLE HUNTRESS: A Stunning Film About Family, Dreams and Girl Power

Stacey Reiss, producer The Eagle Huntress/Photo: Stacey Reiss

Stacey Reiss

By Patricia Caso/October 28, 2016
Photos: Courtesy Stacey Reiss

As an award-winning producer, writer and director, documentarian Stacey Reiss has probably seen and done enough to make a movie about herself. Her most recent effort as a producer is THE EAGLE HUNTRESS, which takes Stacey to “the ends of the earth” to follow a thirteen-year-old Mongolian girl, Aisholpan, through her challenges to realize her dream to be the best eagle hunter.

“Her story is universal. It’s a story of a father supporting and teaching his daughter, which I can certainly appreciate as the mother of two children.”  Stacey Reiss

I was intrigued to find out more about the producer behind this stunning film that harkens back to traditions and culture from the days of Genghis Khan…  [Read more…]

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Terry Gross, host of Fresh Air/Photo: Ryan McGinley for The New York Times

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Lena Dunham, creator of "Girls"

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