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TOP 10: LIving a Life of Joy ‘Until I Say Good-bye’

'Until I Say Good-Bye' by Susan Spencer Wendel

Living a Life of Joy ‘Until I Say Good-bye’: NPR staff–npr.org–3/13/13

On TWE Radio ‘Best Of’ Show: Oct. 6,7

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Be sure to listen to this weekend’s “Best of” The Women’s Eye Radio Show as Host Stacey Gualandi interviews these special guests:

Marcia Clark, famous prosecuting attorney-turned-author, talking about her first novel, “Guilt by Association”

Mariette Hartley, Emmy Award-winning actress discusses her autobiography, “Breaking the Silence”

Marcia Clark, prosecuting attorney for the OJ trial and bestselling author of "Guilt by Association"

Marcia Clark

Mariette Hartley, author of "Breaking the Silence"

Mariette Hartley


TOP 10: Our Extraordinary Surrogacy Story–Mom, 61, Carried Baby for Daughter

Bringing in Finn--book on surrogacy

Our Extraordinary Surrogacy Story–Mom, 61, Carried Baby for Daughter: Olivia Fleming–dailymail.co.uk–9/5/12

TOP 10: “The Cost of Hope” by Amanda Bennett

The Cost of Hope by Amanda Bennett for TWE Top 10

Amanda Bennett’s “The High Cost of Hope: The Story of a Marriage, a Family and the Quest for Life”: Cathi Hanauer—newyorktimes.com—7/22/12


Next Up on TWE Radio: July 28, 29

TWE Radio LogoAir Times on 1480AM KPHX
Saturday 12-1pm PST
Sunday 2-3pm PST

Join us for a New Lineup of great guests this weekend on The Women’s Eye Radio Show as Host, Stacey Gualandi, interviews:

Jennifer Gilbert, top NYC event planner and author of I Never Promised You a Goodie Bag, about her triumphant story of survival
Tory Johnson, successful entrepreneur and creator of Spark & Hustle, a website, tour and book on how to launch a small business
Jennifer Gilbert, founder of Save the Date, and author of "I Never Promised You a Goodie Bag" for TWE Radio

Jennifer Gilbert

Tory Johnson of "Spark & Hustle" on The Women's Eye Radio

Tory Johnson

Top 10: Jennifer Hudson Pens New Memoir

Jennifer Hudson's New Memoir

Jennifer Hudson Pens New Memoir: theroot.com–1/9/12

Author Laura Munson On Making Choices And Her HAVEN Writing Retreats

Laura Munson

UPDATE 6/20/17: Laura tells us that her Haven Retreat is still open for registration in the fall. Check out her website if you are interested and want to visit her in a beautiful part of the world!

UPDATE 6/12/13: Laura is booking her Haven Writing Retreats for the rest of 2013.  Check them out if you are looking to enhance your writing skills in an inspiring Montana setting. 

UPDATE 9/11/12: Laura’s Events on her Website: Writing Retreats in Whitefish, Montana from 9/19-23 and 9/26-30

By Stacey Gualandi/June 22, 2011

Facebook: lauramunson
Twitter: @lauramunson

Author Laura Munson never thought she would be called a revolutionary. But her first book, “This Is Not The Story You Think It Is: A Season of Unlikely Happiness,” sparked such a reaction from readers, she is still feeling the love over a year later.

“Never did I think I’d star as the main character in my first book.” Laura

Laura Munson and StaceyThis Montana-based writer’s overnight success was actually 20 years in the making. Her essay in the “Modern Love” New York Times column about what happened when her husband told her he didn’t love her anymore, touched such a nerve, her story went viral, which led to this best selling book. The paperback version has just been released.

When it comes to marital distress, Munson is an unlikely role model. Instead of reacting, or over-reacting, Munson chose not to take it personally. I had the good fortune to meet Laura recently in Los Angeles at the More Magazine Reinvention Convention. I wanted to find out how she discovered true happiness and ultimately kept her marriage intact… [Read more…]

Mariette Hartley Writes About Her Quest For Sobriety

Mariette’s memoir details her history of mental illness and battle with alcohol in “Breaking the Silence.,” her new paperback.   Recently the actress was honored by the Marin Services for Women in Ca with their Founder’s Award for “sharing her recovery experiences openly and honestly.”

To read the article:

Marin Independent Journal

To view the website:

Marin Services for Women

Have you had a personal battle with alcohol that you could discuss openly and honestly?