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Bea Johnson On Her Personal Crusade For The Zero Waste Home

Bea Johnson

By Pamela Burke/January 11, 2011

UPDATE 9/27/13: Bea’s book Zero Waste Home has recently been adapted and published in French.  Zero Déchet just reached number one on Amazon in France.  Congratulations, Bea!

UPDATE 1/10/13: Bea has just done a photo shoot for Martha Stewart’s magazine and has a new book coming out 4/9/13 on her zero waste lifestyle

Bea Johnson is taking the zero waste movement to a new level in Mill Valley, Ca. She doesn’t just want to “reduce, reuse and recycle.” Her goal is to get rid of packaging and waste altogether.

” I’ve learned that the less I have, the easier it is.”   Bea Johnson

Her philosophy is to love, use, and know everything in her household and her motto “Refuse, refuse, refuse!” She says people aren’t willing to sacrifice today for a better future. Her Be Simpler business helps clients and friends make their lives less cluttered and wasteful.

Bea Johnson and zero waste

Cheese, meat, and olives stored in jars that Bea brings to the store

Everyday I notice packaging that is becoming more and more difficult to open and dispose of. I wrote a short post last year on Bea and didn’t have the chance to speak with her. That story keeps getting a lot of interest on the EYE.

I had many questions for Bea from how she shops successfully with jars to what it’s like managing a zero waste house with a husband and two sons. We got to talk recently so she could explain to me just how she does it. And it’s quite amazing… [Read more…]