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Sylvia Oberti Drives Solo On Winning Team In Italy’s Celebrated Mille Miglia

Sylvia Oberti, race car driver/Photo from Sylvia

Sylvia Oberti at the beginning of the Mille Miglia/May, 2012

By Wendy Verlaine/August 21, 2012

While some of us keep our dreams in a holding pattern waiting to be released into our lives, not so for race car driver, Sylvia Oberti.  She has a history of turning a dream into an accomplishment. Sylvia is the only female to successfully solo and complete Italy’s famous Mille Miglia annual 1,000 mile auto race, and she has repeated this feat sixteen times.

“It’s not a sport for the faint of heart.  I get windburn, sunburn, chapped lips, funny tans, and wild hair.  It’s a grueling challenge but an enormous accomplishment.”  Sylvia Oberti 

In this year’s race, held May 18th to 20th, Sylvia was on the winning team, Scuderia Sports.  She and the Argentine crew members of her team won with a 1933 Alfa Romeo 6C 1500 Zagato. She has raced throughout the world, from France to Japan, often as a winner.

I was thrilled to meet Sylvia, and her enthusiasm, determination and courage reminded me we are not all created equal.  She described how it all started for her, what it takes to fulfill a life-long quest and the importance of giving something in return… [Read more…]