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Global Photographer Mimo Khair Captures The Common Thread Of Humanity

Mimo Khair in a Syrian Refugee Camp/Photo: Shouly Khair

Mimo Khair in Syrian refugee camp/Photo: Shouly Kheir

By Patricia Caso/October 19, 2014

TWITTER: @MimoKhair 

Mimo Khair’s global photography struck me as stunning, emotional and captivating— whether it is still life, on the streets, with children or adults. I happened upon her unforgettable pictures while scrolling through different news sites on the internet.

“I love people and photographing them is for me a way of bringing us all closer together… I strive to create art that can ‘do something’.
Mimo Khair

Wanting to know more about this talented Lebanese-American photographer, wife and mother who now resides in Shanghai, China, I tracked down Mimo through email.

I found an inspirational artist who is always looking to capture the connection in our humanity, hoping the viewer is moved by it as well… [Read more…]

PHOTO OF THE WEEK: Mimo Khair’s Poignant Photo of Young Syrian Refugee

Photo of Syrian Refugee by Mimo Khair Featured on Flickr Series

Lebanese Photographer Mimo Khair was moved to shoot this picture of Reem,
a 9-year-old Syrian refugee, when she noticed the message “I love you”
written on her hand in both English and Arabic.

The young girl with the striking green eyes was living in a camp
in northern Lebanon when the photo was taken in July, 2013.

  Mimo Khair photograph of Syrian girl

Mimo learned that Reem lost both her parents and her whole family
and was struck by “how she could stand there, her eyes shining, and think of love.”

You can see more of Mimo’s photos in the episode of The Weekly Flickr blog,
“Moments of Emotion from Around the World.”

Our TWE interview with Mimo is currently posted.

Photo: Mimo Khair