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The Women’s Eye Reflections for the New Year 2012–#3

TWE Reflections--#3

We wanted to add more quotes from some of our 2o11 TWE Interviews as we get ready for the challenges of this new year. They may inspire you to take on a new journey, task, or just reflect on what is possible… [Read more…]

Nancy Santullo’s Crusade For Clean Water In The Amazon Rainforest

Nancy Santullo

By Stacey Gualandi/May 4, 2011

Twitter: @rainforestflow
Facebook: rainforest-flow

Nancy Santullo calls the Peruvian rainforest her home. As the founder of Rainforest Flow: A House of the Children Project, she has gone deep into the Manu rainforest to bring clean, healthy water to the indigenous people who live there.

“Our lives are interconnected…as we help one child, we help all children.” Nancy Santullo

In 2000, this former fashion photographer embarked on a journey that she says not only transformed her life, but also the children who can now drink safely. Within eight years, Nancy says her organization served approximately 450 adults and children in remote areas of the rainforest.

Rainforest Flow has successfully brought clean water and reduced diseases in two remote villages, and she is about to return to help yet another one.

Nancy Santullo with Rainforest Kids

With the chidren of Huacaria, Peru/2009

Nancy puts her life in danger for up to nine months at a time. To reach these villages takes several days – by plane, by jeep, by boat – with snakes, mosquitoes, and disease always posing a threat.

The rainforest is the last place I would think of for a life-altering career change, so I wanted to see why Nancy won’t stop until there’s enough drinkable water for all the tribes of the rainforest… [Read more…]