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TOP 10: Kristof and WuDunn’s ‘Half the Sky’ to be Televised

Nick Kristof's and WuDunn's Half the Sky book

Kristof and WuDunn’s ‘Half the Sky’ to be Televised: Natalie Culkin–womensviewsonnews.org–5/24/12

Marsha Wallace On How Dining For Women Wants to Feed the World

Marsha Wallace, Dining for Women

UPDATE May 20, 2013: Dining for Women will celebrate it’s 10th Anniversary–Their Decade of Dreams–June 21-23–in Greenville, South Carolina.

While meditating in 2002, Marsha Wallace had a vision: “What if every month you meet with your gal pals, you take the money that you would normally spend at a bar or restaurant, and then donate that money to help poverty-stricken women and girls half way around the world?”

“I do believe if you ask you will receive. We’re best when we’re living with purpose.” Marsha Wallace

Sounds like a simple concept right? Well, that inspired idea became DINING FOR WOMEN, Marsha’s organization that now boasts over 200 chapters in the U.S. and in three countries, and has raised over $946,000 for 48 charities in developing nations.

Marsha Wallace Diing for Women

Atlanta Dining for Women Chapter

EYE Contributor Stacey Gualandi confesses cooking is not her thing, but dining out with friends is. And she was looking for a fun way to make a difference. So she connected in more ways than one when she spoke to Marsha.

Her passion, enthusiasm, and initiative was so compelling, Stacey will be starting the first DFW chapter in Hollywood, CA, in February… [Read more…]

Ruthie Rosenberg On How The Katonah Book Club Is Empowering Girls In India


By Stacey Gualandi/Dec. 21, 2010

When Ruthie Rosenberg joined her local book club four years ago in the small town of Katonah, NY, she never envisioned that reading a book would catapult her into a worldwide cause to save female victims of human trafficking .

But a committed club of six have joined forces with Apne Aap Women Worldwide to empower and educate young girls in Bihar, India, and put an end to sex slavery.

Half the SkyIt all began when this married mother of two made a bold book choice, the moving and emotional Half the Sky by the Pulitzer Prize- winning authors Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn.

“These are stories of courageous people with incredible determination to flourish under horrendous conditions. They are both disturbing and inspiring.” Ruthie Rosenberg

Stacey Gualandi was so impressed with the Katonah Book Club’s call to action that she contacted Ruthie to find out why they reached out to a hostel half a world away and how we, too, could help her hold up half the sky… [Read more…]

Siena Anstis On The Growing “Women Of Kireka” Jewelry Business

Siena Anstis

By Pamela Burke/December 2, 2010

Siena Anstis, pictured above on Lake Bunyonyi in Uganda, began the “Women of Kireka” jewelry-making project in 2008 in Kireka near Kampala. Women with a talent for beading were working in the stone quarry there under arduous conditions. They had fled from the northern part of Uganda during a brutal war where their husbands were killed and children abducted.

A strong believer in human rights’ advocacy, Siena joined with Project Diaspora to help 20 women from Kireka turn their beading talents into a profit-making venture through the power of social media and the internet.

Photos on this blog were taken by Siena and Kim Bilmer.

Women of Kireka

“These women faced almost insurmountable obstacles but they have a tremendous ability to adapt. They are the voice of this business and are making it all possible.” Siena Anstis

Social media in the name of Twitter led me to Siena. I read a tweet by New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof where he wrote he had bought all his Christmas presents early from the “Women of Kireka.” So I got to wondering just who and where these creative people were. And that search led me to my conversation with Siena in Montreal… [Read more…]

Amy Ernst Blogs On The Brutal Rape And Raw Strength Of Congo Women

Amy ErnstAmy Ernst trained and volunteered as a rape crisis counselor in Chicago before deciding that she would move to the Democratic Republic of Congo to see how she could help victims of sexual violence.

She’s currently working in North Kivu with COPERMA, a local organization that has started ten centers for rape victims, demobilized child-soldiers, and displaced children and families.

I learned about Amy when I read her guest blog in Nicholas D. Kristof’s column in the New York Times. She described there the horrendous sexual violence against women and children in the Congo. Her raw determination to help the people affected by war was apparent.

I wanted to find out what persuaded her to relocate to this unsettling chaos. What did she hope to accomplish in a place that’s been called “the rape capital of the world?”

“I have never in my entire life understood the strength of humanity as much, and more specifically, the strength of women, as I do here…”

The photos on this post are the property of Amy Ernst. You can see many of her pictures on her blog.

This week I had the opportunity to ask Amy about her challenging work and tireless dedication to these people… [Read more…]