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PHOTO OF THE WEEK: Rose Parade Float Commemorates 100 Year Anniversary of Women’s Right to Vote

“Years of Hope, Years of Courage” Float Celebrates  Women’s Right to Vote

If you were watching the 131st Rose Parade on New Year’s Day in Pasadena, CA or on tv, you might have seen this beautiful float and labor of love built to remind people of the 100th year anniversary in 2020 of the passage of the 19th Amendment.

Rose Bowl Parade 2019 Years of Hope, Years of Courage float honoring 100th year anniversary of Women's Right to Vote

“Years of Hope, Years of Courage” Float/Photo: ABC Screenshot

Nan Johnson, 89, and with no corporate backing, led the effort to raise more than $350,000 in donations. Up until the last moment volunteers were putting eucalyptus leaves on the Statue of Liberty. You can read about all the fascinating people riding on the float, several relatives of the early suffragettes, and more in this Pasadena Star News report.

Walking along were “The Outwalkers,” 98 women and two men dressed in white and carrying signs, representing the suffragette movement. Certainly a float to be very proud of all these 100 years later.

Bravo Nan Johnson and all who contributed to make this inspiring idea happen!

“The Woman’s Hour” Author Elaine Weiss On the Dramatic Battle for the Right to Vote

The Women’s Eye Radio host Stacey Gualandi talks with Elaine Weiss, author of “The Woman’s Hour” about the nail-biting fight to win the vote in 1920.

TWE RADIO: “The Woman’s Hour” Author Elaine Weiss On the Dramatic Battle for the Right to Vote

Elaine Weiss, author of “The Woman’s Hour” discusses the nail-biting fight to win the vote in 1920 and the ratification of the 19th amendment.

Elaine Weiss, author "The Woman's Hour"/Photo: Elaine's selfie

Elaine Weiss, author

Stacey Gualandi, TWE Radio host with "The Woman's Hour" by guest Elaine Weiss/Photo: Selfie

Stacey Gualandi, TWE Radio host

By Stacey Gualandi/August 2018

Don’t miss a BRAND NEW episode of The Women’s Eye Radio with host Stacey Gualandi and journalist Elaine Weiss, whose new book, The Woman’s Hour: The Great Fight To Win The Vote, tackles – in painstaking detail – one of the most intense battles in American history.

The award-winning journalist’s retelling of the dramatic final six weeks in 1920 leading up to the ratification of the 19th Amendment – ultimately giving women the right to vote – has earned her acclaim, and great reviews.

The Woman's Hour by Elaine Weiss/Cover PhotoWhen Weiss began her research in 2013, she says she wasn’t aware that it took over 70 years of intrigue to bestow voting rights to women. By the time she turned in her manuscript three years later, she was taken by the parallels between what happened almost one hundred years ago, and the 2016 presidential election.

Also taken was former Secretary of State and First Lady Hillary Clinton, who brought the book to her friend Oscar-winning film director Steven Spielberg. Breaking news! Spielberg’s Amblin TV optioned Weiss’s book and will be bringing this amazing  historical event to the small screen with Clinton as executive producer.

I was fascinated with the book because I, too, was unaware of the audacious activists – the “Suffs” and the “Antis” – who simultaneously fought over a woman’s right to vote. Unbelievably, it was so close that it came down to one state to pass it: Tennessee. It was a real-life nail biter.

Women suffragettes/Photo: Library of Congress

Protesting Congress’ failure to act on the federal suffrage amendment, the National Woman’s Party worked against President Wilson and Democrats in 1916 election./Photo: Library of Congress

During our conversation, Weiss said she hopes, deep down, The Woman’s Hour will make people understand just what it took to give women the vote; that it is a right and a privilege; and that having a voice is the bedrock principle of self-government. Now she will focus her efforts on engaging our youth…and encouraging everyone to vote!

Alice Paul's Woman's Party picketed the White House 1017/Photo: Library of Congress

The Woman’s Party picketing the White House in early 1917. The picketers were called unpatriotic, and hundreds were arrested, imprisoned and mistreated. Photo: Library of Congress


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