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TWE RADIO: “Welcome Home” Host Treger Strasberg On Humbly Helping the Homeless

The Women’s Eye Radio host Stacey Gualandi talks with Treger Strasberg on The Women’s Eye Radio with Stacey Gualandi . Strasberg founded Humble Design, an organization that furnishes homes – and furnishes hope – to the needy. She is also the host of the CW’s new weekly show “Welcome Home!”

TWE RADIO: “Welcome Home” Host Treger Strasberg On Humbly Helping the Homeless

Treger Strasberg, host of "Welcome Home" with husband Rob/Photo Courtesy Treger Strasberg

Treger Strasberg and husband Rob from “Welcome Home”

By Stacey Gualandi/December, 2018

Be sure to tune in to a BRAND NEW interview with Treger Strasberg on The Women’s Eye Radio with Stacey Gualandi . Strasberg founded Humble Design, an organization that furnishes homes – and furnishes hope – to the needy. She is also the host of the CW’s new weekly show “Welcome Home.”

In the words of one of her employees, “Treger is a tornado,” and it’s easy to understand why. In just ten short years, she started a small Detroit-based operation that gathers donated, gently-used furniture for families transitioning out of homelessness; transformed 1200 homes; opened three other branches in Seattle, San Diego and Chicago; and together with her co-host and husband Rob, launched “Welcome Home,” based on Humble Design.

Strasberg has been a big supporter of The Women’s Eye almost since day one! She first joined me in 2012, then again in 2013, and now – five years later – we wanted to check back in with this social entrepreneur to see how she and the non-profit she built is doing!

TWE Radio host Stacey Gualandi talks to Treger Strasberg about her nonprofit Humble Design and how she has turned empathy into action for the homeless.

Treger Strasber, host of "Welcome Home," and husband Rob/Photo Courtesy of Treger Strasberg

Treger and husband Rob

Strasberg says she likes to leave a place a little better than how she found it – something I prefer to call “The Treger Effect.” Only one percent of those they have helped have gone back to homelessness.

She says her biggest impact is working one-on-one with the families. An admitted “chronic crier,” Strasberg says watching the mother’s suffering ease touches her heart, whether she likes it or not. And it is those moments that ultimately led to her tv show.

“We want to humanize the process,” she says proudly. “What brings me the most joy is sitting on the floor of a barren house, with no beds, no furniture…looking at a mom’s eyes and telling her tomorrow is going to be better,” says Strasberg. “That is my favorite moment and I get to do it over and over again.”

So many lives have been changed by Humble Design and Strasberg says it is her life’s passion (“I’ll be 95 and dragging dressers, ha!”) to help keep people in affordable houses.

During our interview, she shares why she found success, how she navigates through fear, and what is the best advice for turning empathy into action. (“Take baby steps”).

Thanks, Treger, for being part of the Women’s Eye family! Good luck with all you do to help others!

To get involved, go to www.humbledesign.org.

Check your local listings for “Welcome Home” on the CW, Saturdays and Sunday mornings. https://www.facebook.com/CWWelcomeHome/

TWITTER/INSTAGRAM: @humbledesign
WEBSITE: www.humbledesign.org
FACEBOOK/TWITTER: @cwwelcomehome


TWE INTERVIEW–Katie Blomquist Is Going Places with Joy and Bikes for Kids

Katie Blomquist – Going Places Non Profit

Going Places Non Profit – Bikes for Kids

The Women’s Eye contributor Patricia Caso talks to Katie Blomquist, founder of Going Places, an innovative nonprofit supplying bikes to children in Charleston, S.C. area Title 1 schools. The bikes are for kids who never had the chance to own one. Katie explains how she started GP and what a difference it’s making.

Katie Blomquist, founder Going Places supplying bikes to kids in Charleston, S. Carolina/Photo Courtesy Katie Blomquist

Katie Blomquist, founder of Going Places/La Tasha Bellamy Photography

By Patricia Caso/June 5, 2018

Thanks to former teacher Katie Blomquist and her foundation Going Places, 1,000 kids and counting in the Charleston, South Carolina area, get joy in the form of a bike. Ninety percent of the families in Title 1 schools there live at or below the poverty line and can’t afford this childhood pleasure.

 “A child doesn’t choose their walk of life, parents or situations. Yet, if there is a little bit of joy, I believe it can change the outcome of a person’s life.”  Katie Blomquist

When I read about Katie’s inspiring efforts, I thought of my own adventures on a bike as a kid. We all had so many exciting places to go. Katie is determined that her Going Places Foundation will be an investment for improving lives of a future generation.

I spoke by phone with Katie so I could find out more about her and her ingenious idea based on joy and bikes… [Read more…]

TWE INTERVIEW: How Lauren Daniels HEALS Families Touched by Cancer

Lauren Daniels and daughters at FairyTale Tea, 4-16/Photo: P. Burke

Lauren Daniels with daughters Kayli (l) and Gracie (r) at HEAL’s Fairytale Tea

By Catherine Anaya/May 5, 2016
Photos: P. Burke

Lauren Daniels is one of the wonderful women I have had the pleasure of meeting.  At age 35 she was told she had breast cancer. That diagnosis changed the direction of her life.

I was very fortunate. Other people had $100,000 worth of medical bills. So we decided that we wanted to provide hope to some of these moms as they were going through this. –Lauren Daniels

She saw the tremendous need to help moms and their families who were dealing with the challenges and the expenses of cancer just as she was. Lauren is truly healing through her organization HEAL–Happily Ever After League–in the home she calls Healing House.

Lauren and HEAL give one of the most creative and fun fundraising teas you could ever imagine–The Fairytale Tea–once a year to raise money for the non-profit. Some of the unique tables at their recent April gathering are pictured here.

It was such an honor to have her guest with me on The Women’s Eye Radio Show…   [Read more…]