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TOP 10: ‘Girl on the Train’ Pays Homage to Hitchcock

Girl on the Train book/npr.org

‘Girl on the Train’ Pays Homage to Hitchcock: Michael Schaub–npr.org–3/2/15

TOP 10: Edan Lepucki’s Novel “California” Gets a Boost from Colbert

Edan Lepucki /author "California"

Edan Lepucki’s Novel “California” Gets a Boost from Colbert: Brooks Barnes–nytimes.com–7/3/14–Photo: Leah Nash

TOP 10: Author Elin Hilderbrand on Breast Cancer Diagnosis and New Novel


Elin Hilderbrand, The Matchmaker novelist/CBS Morning Show

Author Elin Hilderbrand on Breast Cancer Diagnosis and New Novel: cbsnews.com–6/12/14–VIDEO

Holly Peterson: Bestselling Author on “The Idea of Him: A Novel”

March 15, 2014

TWE Radio Guest Holly Peterson

Holly Peterson

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Holly Peterson, a former award-winning producer for ABC News and bestselling author whose new book, The Idea of Him, is about a career woman and mother whose shattered dreams about her marriage and her life, force her to confront her deepest fears and find her greatest strengths.


Interview: Romance Novelist Rachel Van Dyken on Writing for a Cause

Rachel Van Dyken, romance novelist

Novelist Rachel Van Dyken/Photo: Greg Hoskins

By Diane Mannino (@Diane Mannino23)/Author of Running from Romeo and the sequel, Waiting for Romeo/October 23, 2013


Can you imagine being 28-years-old and having written over twenty-four books in just three years including several bestsellers? A dream come true for many, but it’s a reality for Rachel Van Dyken. She’s reached the number one spot on the New York Times list with her popular romance novel, The Bet, but it’s her recent release, Ruin, that has people talking.

“…every month we’re donating to ‘Make a Wish’ or another organization for people who need help to pay their medical bills. I really want to use ‘Ruin’ as one of those platforms to help people.”… Rachel Van Dyken

With Ruin, Rachel has not only captured the hearts of readers, she’s also helping to support causes that are close to her own heart.

As a self-published author, I was curious to find out more about the prolific Rachel, her self-publishing exploits, her writing process and her passion for helping others through various means. I had the pleasure of chatting with her and discovered she’s just as lovely as one of her female protagonists from her many books…. [Read more…]

TOP 10: Ann Leary Writes About Secrets

 Ann Leary, author of "The Good Home"

Ann Leary Writes About Secrets: Judith Newman–nytimes.com–2/4/12–Photo: Andrea Wise

You’d Better Not Die or I’ll Kill You: A Caregiver’s Survival Guide by Jane Heller

Jane Heller's book on caregiving, You'd Better Not Die or I'll Kill YouON TWE RADIO MAR. 16-17: In You’d Better Not Die or I’ll Kill You–A Caregiver’s Guide (Chronicle Books), Jane Heller shares her own experiences as a caregiver and offers advice from experts.  She learned firsthand about the subject from taking care of her husband, Michael, who is afflicted with Crohn’s disease and was a “frequent flier,” a patient who lands in the hospital often.

The book includes workout exercises, healthy recipes, and a candid, funny approach to a subject that can be deadly serious.

Jane spent a decade promoting best-selling authors and turned into one herself.  Now, with thirteen novels under her belt and nine of which sold to Hollywood, she is in a league of her own.


COMING TO TWE RADIO: Lee Woodruff Returns to The Women’s Eye

Lee Woodruff, author of her debut novel, "Those We Love Most"We are delighted to welcome back Lee Woodruff to TWE Radio. She’s a writer (this is her third book), CBS This Morning Contributor, and motivational speaker.  She talked about her upcoming debut novel, Those We Love Most, last year on The Women’s Eye with Stacey Gualandi, and we’re delighted that it’s just been published.

She’ll guest with Stacey in October (date to be announced) on 1480KPHX  and discuss recovering from loss, the resiliency it takes to move forward and a host of other topics.

Lee Woodruff book, "Those We Love Most"Lee authored Perfectly Imperfect-A Life in Progress and In an Instant, co-written with her husband, ABC News correspondent Bob Woodruff , who suffered traumatic brain injuries as a result of being hit by a roadside bomb in Iraq.  They both work tirelessly for Remind.org, their foundation to assist those wounded in the service and their families.

Don’t forget to tune in to TWE Radio Oct. 27 and 28!