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Novelist Nicole Mary Kelby on Jacqueline Kennedy’s Iconic Pink Suit

Nicole Mary Kelby/author The Pink Suit/provided by publisher to TWE

Nicole Mary Kelby/Photo: Ann Marsden

By Patricia Caso/June 13, 2014

TWITTER: @nmkelby

The making of Jacqueline Kennedy’s pink Chanel suit is the backdrop for Nicole Mary Kelby’s latest novel, The Pink Suit (@littlebrown). Although the iconic item of clothing is usually associated with sadness, Ms. Kelby’s aim is the opposite. She wants the suit to represent all that is good, beautiful and possible for anyone.

“Having been a journalist for many years, it just became a very fascinating idea that there was all this controversy around this particular garment…it became a sacred trust to write this book.”      Nicole Mary Kelby

Nicole draws on the history of an era defined not only by hope and innocence but also reality and tragedy. Like so many growing up in the 60’s, I so admired Jackie Kennedy’s simply elegant look.

When I saw the book’s cover, I was immediately intrigued and memories of that time came rushing back. I knew I wanted to talk to Ms. Kelby and find out what motivated her to write about that historic suit… [Read more…]