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Join the Book Launch Party Fun for <i>20 Women Changemakers</i>!

Join Us This Saturday Sept. 23rd at 2pm – 3:30pm Eastern!

Book Talk & Tea for

20 Women Changemakers:
Taking Action Around the World

Breakwater Books | 81 Whitefield St., Guilford CT

"20 Women Changemakers" Book Talk & Tea at Bridgewater Bookstore, Guilford, CT Sept. 23, 2017 | 2pm - 3:30pm

How Do You Change the World?

Join co-editor, Patricia Caso at Breakwater Books as she shares the stories, lessons learned and tips from some of the remarkable women featured in 20 Women Changemakers: Taking Action Around the World.

These often self-described women, from teenagers to grandmothers are doing extraordinary things to change the lives of people in their communities around the world. Some have become CNN Heroes!

From shining the light on women and Wonder Girls creating big changes in their communities; building safe homes and schools for kids in Nepal; bringing computer training in a bus to underserved communities and showers to the homeless; and providing transformative, practical information to caregivers, these women tell you how they did it and how you, too, can take action!

Featured originally on The Women’s Eye, co-editors and veteran television executive producers Patricia Caso and Pamela Burke, founder of The Women’s Eye, wanted to bring these remarkable women and their stories to you.

(Are you on the West Coast? Check out our October 7th book launch party at Book Passage in Corte Madera, CA from 7pm – 8:30pm).



Radio Host Catherine Anaya & Co-Editor Pamela Burke

We are excited!

Check out our new book at changemakersbook.com!
Our first book has finally arrived and is available on Amazon. We’ve called it 20 WOMEN CHANGEMAKERS–TAKING ACTION AROUND THE WORLD  so that we can shine the light on some of the incredible women whom we’ve had the pleasure to get to know and who are doing so much good work to change the world.

Dare to Make a Change!

Get Your Copy Today!

They are but a few of the people we have featured on this site and on TWE Radio.  Following their passions and fearlessly making a difference, these intrepid women tell us how they did it and how we can take action. They have inspired us as we hope they do you!

TWE Changemaker Book

We started this book project two years ago, getting in touch with our special interviewees and guests and letting them know of our mission to spread the word about their accomplishments. We so appreciate their enthusiasm for this project.

To say this has been a learning experience would be an understatement. We have a tremendous appreciation now of what authors go through to create and design their books. We continue to search for people who are making a difference in all kinds of ways all over the world.

As one of our changemakers Barbara Massaad says, “It takes empathy and an open mind with simple ideas.” It’s advice we follow and there is more of that in the book.

The official publication date is July 10, but you can get a copy on Amazon now, and check the book out at changemakersbook.com. Please tell your friends and help us make an impact! (#TWEChangemakers)

Many thanks!

Pam and Patricia