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TOP 10: PBS Journalist Gwen Ifill Dead of Cancer at Age 61, PBS Says

Gwen Ifill passes/Photo; PBS/Gwen Ifill

PBS Journalist Gwen Ifill Dead of Cancer at Age 61, PBS Says: abccolumbia.com–11/14/16–Photo: PBS/Gwen Ifill

TOP 10: Rower Sets Out to Become First Woman to Cross Pacific

Sonya Baumstein, ocean rower/pbs.org

And She’s Off: Rower Sets Out to Become First Woman to Cross Pacific: K. Abou-Sabe–pbs.org–6/7/15

TOP 10: “No Job For a Woman: The Women Who Fought to Report WWII”

"No Job For a Woman: The Women Who Fought To Report WWII" World PBS TV Broadcast March 13, 2014

No Job For a Woman: The Women Who Fought To Report WWII World PBS TV Broadcast (Trailer): Women Make Movies–nojobforawoman.com–3/13/14–Photo: NoJobForAWoman.com (video)


TOP 10: New Alice Walker Doc Delivers Good Medicine

Alice Walker--Photo: Anthony Barboza

New Alice Walker Doc Delivers Good Medicine: Agunda Okeyo–dailybeast.com–2/3/14–Photo: Anthony Barboza

TOP 10: Gwen Ifill, Judy Woodruff Named Co-Anchors of ‘PBS NewsHour’

Gwen Ifill, Judy Woodruff, New Anchors PBS NewsHour

Gwen Ifill, Judy  Woodruff Named Co-Anchors of the ‘PBS NewsHour’: Alex Weprin–mediabistro.com–8/6/13

Mary Skinner’s Special Film “Irena Sendler–In The Name Of Their Mothers”

Mary Skinner documentarian

By Pamela Burke

UPDATE 3/20/13: For more current information about the Irena Sendler film, visit this facebook page.

UPDATE 2/26/12:  This documentary just won the 2012 Gracie Award for Outstanding Documentary in Public TV

Mary Skinner is a former marketing executive turned documentarian. She’s recently released the remarkable film: Irena Sendler, In the Name of their Mothers, the story of a group of young Polish women who outwitted the Nazis to save thousands of Jewish children from certain death during WWII.

“It was sad to me that few people outside of Poland knew anything about these people.” Mary Skinner

The story is told through the perspective of 95-year-old Irena Sendler, her co-conspirators, and several of the children they saved. Mary was always struck by the story and the “moxie” of the women.

Irena Sendler

She alerted us to her documentary as it was about to be broadcast on PBS in May, writing that it was an inspiring story of feminine moral courage that she hoped people would view. We wanted to know more about this powerful and moving film. Mary filled us in on the details of her journey to make it…

[Read more…]

TOP 10: Maria Hinojosa, Giving Voice to the Voiceless

Maria Hinojosa, Link TV Special

Maria Hinojosa, Giving Voice to the Voiceless: linktv.org–6/3/12

Ovarian Cancer Survivor Sharon Blynn Proves Bald Is Beautiful

Sharon Blynn

Photo: Robin Emtage

By Stacey Gualandi

When Sharon Blynn was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2000, she was a vibrant music executive living in New York City…and she was only 28 years old.

“One of the most profound teachings has been about learning to truly love myself at my deepest core.”

It was a devastating life-altering moment followed by three years of treatment and the demoralizing loss of her hair. She bravely shaved her head and eventually conquered this silent disease. Now eight years cancer-free, the actress and model chooses to remain bald.

Sharon Blynn

Sharon at Revlon Run/Walk--Photo: Brad Ross/2008

In 2003, she created baldisbeautiful.org to redefine beauty and dispel the stigma of hair loss from cancer. As a result, Sharon inspires survivors and caregivers throughout the world. She is this month’s Revlon Role Model in an advertisement in People.

Sharon has a powerful message, and after meeting this one-woman ovarian cancer-awareness-advocate in person, it was easy to see her beauty, both inside and out… [Read more…]