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Interview: Romance Novelist Rachel Van Dyken on Writing for a Cause

Rachel Van Dyken, romance novelist

Novelist Rachel Van Dyken/Photo: Greg Hoskins

By Diane Mannino (@Diane Mannino23)/Author of Running from Romeo and the sequel, Waiting for Romeo/October 23, 2013


Can you imagine being 28-years-old and having written over twenty-four books in just three years including several bestsellers? A dream come true for many, but it’s a reality for Rachel Van Dyken. She’s reached the number one spot on the New York Times list with her popular romance novel, The Bet, but it’s her recent release, Ruin, that has people talking.

“…every month we’re donating to ‘Make a Wish’ or another organization for people who need help to pay their medical bills. I really want to use ‘Ruin’ as one of those platforms to help people.”… Rachel Van Dyken

With Ruin, Rachel has not only captured the hearts of readers, she’s also helping to support causes that are close to her own heart.

As a self-published author, I was curious to find out more about the prolific Rachel, her self-publishing exploits, her writing process and her passion for helping others through various means. I had the pleasure of chatting with her and discovered she’s just as lovely as one of her female protagonists from her many books…. [Read more…]