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Women’s Eye Reflections For The New Year–#4

2011 Image for New Year

Take a look at these last few quotes from 2010 EYE Interviews for more ideas and wisdom for the New Year. Hope these thoughts have inspired you to expand your world in some small or large way. Now let’s take on 2011…

Siena AnstisSiena Anstis

“These women have faced almost insurmountable obstacles, but they have a tremendous ability to adapt. They are the voice of the ‘Women of Kireka’ jewelry business and are making it all possible.”

Ruthie Rosenberg Katonah Book Club

Ruthie Rosenberg

“If you are truly passionate about a cause, motivation to act comes easy. Time that never seemed available appears. And after you take the first step, the adrenaline kicks in and your ambition to help is accelerated.”

Phyllis TherouxPhyllis Theroux

“As I got out of bed this morning I thought about the amazing worth and power of the imagination, how it literally determines everything: one’s ability to love life, make a living, understand others, and -as a writer-create a story. When the imagination dims, we do too.”

Gloria FeldtGloria Feldt

“But what really blew me away researching “No Excuses” was to find that it was no longer external barriers holding women back. Women can now raise money as well as men, are trusted by the voters more than men, and when they run, they are statistically as likely to win.”

Ruthie Rosenberg On How The Katonah Book Club Is Empowering Girls In India


By Stacey Gualandi/Dec. 21, 2010

When Ruthie Rosenberg joined her local book club four years ago in the small town of Katonah, NY, she never envisioned that reading a book would catapult her into a worldwide cause to save female victims of human trafficking .

But a committed club of six have joined forces with Apne Aap Women Worldwide to empower and educate young girls in Bihar, India, and put an end to sex slavery.

Half the SkyIt all began when this married mother of two made a bold book choice, the moving and emotional Half the Sky by the Pulitzer Prize- winning authors Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn.

“These are stories of courageous people with incredible determination to flourish under horrendous conditions. They are both disturbing and inspiring.” Ruthie Rosenberg

Stacey Gualandi was so impressed with the Katonah Book Club’s call to action that she contacted Ruthie to find out why they reached out to a hostel half a world away and how we, too, could help her hold up half the sky… [Read more…]