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TWE FUN STUFF: Artist Kathy Ross Mixes Media With Wonder And Whimsy

Artist Kathy Ross Mixed Media Artist/Photo from Kathy to TWE

Artist Kathy Ross with “Tin Head” sculpture/Photo: Marvin Carlson

By Pamela Burke/October 15, 2014

Every once in a while a piece of art like the one above will stop me in my tracks.  We at TWE are art lovers, and, as you might have guessed, are particularly fond of whimsical pieces that make you chuckle and wonder. One such artist caught our eye at the Sausalito Art Festival this year.

“Ideas come from the river. Ideas come from other ideas. Here’s how it works: a) Get an idea. b) Water it.”  Kathy Ross

Kathy Ross calls herself a mixed media sculptor. To get an idea of just how mixed her media is, think cereal boxes, wooden coasters, tons of maps, cookie tins, broken jewelry, zippers, noodles from the swimming pool and mountains of found objects.

We just had to find out how Kathy comes up with these indescribably delightful pieces…  [Read more…]

Fascinators and Dress Paintings at the Sausalito Art Festival


Fancy Fascinator by Jax Hatz

By Pamela Burke/September 1, 2013

TWITTER: @SausartFestival

It was a beautiful day for an art fair, clear blue skies with white puffy clouds over the San Francisco Bay. TWE makes it a point to stop by Sausalito this time of year to see what their annual art festival has in store.

An eclectic variety of everything you could call art was visible–from giant sculptures of bronze dogs and female figures to glorious splashes of color on canvas and metal in the shape of high heels. 

But what was particularly EYE-catching were the fascinating hats and “dress paintings” created from vintage clothing. And you know how TWE loves hats and unique fashion!

Jax Hatz by Jacqueline "Jax" Ryan

Jacqueline “Jax” Ryan, Milliner

Lines were gathering at the Jax Hatz booth even though you would hardly think you’d find such finery here amongst the oils and acrylics.  A multitude of stylish hats were on display and leaving with their new owners.

But the ones that stole the show were the fascinators. These “wearable art” creations with their fancy toppings were the topic of conversation.

We think of them as chapeaux for British royals but women were ready to perch them on their heads with great gusto today.

Jacqueline “Jax” Ryan is the San Francisco milliner responsible for this amazing assortment of headgear. As she said, “Hats are my passion and it’s a good thing I’m making them and not buying them.”

Jax Hatz at Sausalito Art Fair, 2013

Fascinators of all colors and styles by Jax Hatz

“Jax” is a fifth generation San Franciscan and, as a child, went on shopping trips with her grandmother to buy Easter outfits matched with, of course, the perfect bonnet.  At 12, she designed her first JAX o HATZ and she’s been hatting ever since.

She claims all of the hats she’s created would reach the entire span of the Golden Gate Bridge and that with each comes its own fascinating story. 

Two that TWE particularly admired are adorned with butterfly and apples.  We call this flair with a capital F.


You’re probably wondering how vintage clothing fits into this fine northern California event. Once again our EYE was stopped by a vision of dresses fixed onto canvasses in a most splashy way. We ran into Kathrine Allen-Coleman and was introduced to “dress painting.”

Kathrine Allen-Coleman, dress painter and mixed media artist at the Sausalito Art Fair, 2013

Kathrine Allen-Coleman, Dress Painter and Mixed Media Artist

In the 1990’s this mixed media artist wanted to know if she could attach a dress to a canvas and create a painting to which oils could be added over the textures.

This art of “dress painting” evolved. She now combines new elements such as photographs and embroidery to her creations.

The dresses we saw were displayed on canvas with the addition of linoleum block prints and acrylic paint.   Here is a selection of her special talent.


One of our favorites is this delightful new work, “Chatterbox.” Megaphones and “blah-blahs” are incorporated into the design. What an interesting use of an adorable child’s dress! As we would say, “Repurposing at it’s finest.”

Chatterbox mixed media piece by Kathrine Allen-Coleman

“Chatterbox” by Kathrine Allen Coleman

Thanks to “Jax” and Katrine for sharing their ingenious creations. It’s time to head to our closets to see what we might turn into a wonderful piece of art to wear or not to wear. That is the question!

Sausalito Art Fair/2013

View from the Art Festival to the Bay/Photo: Sausalito Art Festival

Photos: Pamela Burke



FUN STUFF — Attention Dog Lovers! Come see Fetch!

Dog Metal Sculpture "Fetch" by Sue Cretarolo | Photo: Pamela Burke

As I was walking through the exhibits at the Sausalito Art Festival, I came upon a pup so beguiling that he stopped me in my tracks. He wasn’t jumping up and down, nor begging for food, but standing at complete attention.

I learned his name was “Fetch” and instead of hair or fur, he was covered in wrappings of metal artistically placed all over his body.   

His creator, Sue Cretarolo, helped me understand this wondrous piece of art made from metal and found objects. She explained that she covered her husband Jon’s specially designed plywood base with a multitude of layers carefully shaped and bathed in beautiful patinas. Pieces of copper, brass and foil became Fetch’s coat.

Dog Art "Fetch's" Head by Sue Cretarolo | Photo: Pamela Burke

Sue at Cretarolo Design lives in Washington and concentrates on painting and metalwork. Deep patinas characterize her style as you can see on Fetch’s “fur.”  Here’s how she describes her artist’s Eye:

“I am drawn by the way most humble objects and common images–a weathered chair, a rustic piece of metal, the layer of paint on an old wall–can create connections between past and present.” 

Thanks for sharing Fetch, Sue. By the way, he is for sale to the right owner. You can find out more about the pup and take a look at Sue’s art here.

Story and Photo by Pamela Burke/September 3, 2012