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TOP 10: Judith Daniels: A Thoroughly Modern, Old School Woman

Judith Daniels, former magazine editor SAVVY, passes

Judith Daniels: A Thoroughly Modern, Old School Woman: Dominique Browning–slowlovelife.com–9/3/13–Photo: Jim Gipe, Smith College

Writer Dominique Browning On Her Slow Love Life And Finding Happiness

Dominique Browning author photo credit Frances Palmer

UPDATE 8/8/15: Dominique’s most recent column: I’m Too Old for This

By Pamela Burke/April 23, 2012

TWITTER: @Slowlovelife

All things fascinating, beautiful, and wondrous are discussed on Dominique Browning’s blog Slow Love Life.  We follow it religiously here at TWE, wondering what special photos and subject matter Dominique will turn up next.

She is a well-respected writer and was Editor-in-Chief of one of our favorite magazines, House & Garden.  Unfortunately, it ceased publication overnight in 2007, and she lost her job.

“The idea of Slow Love is just taking and giving ourselves permission to take a little time every day to feed our soul.”    Dominique Browning

Dominique decided to write all about it in a very candid and amusing book called Slow Love: How I Lost My Job Put On My Pajamas and Found Happiness .  We couldn’t wait to talk to her about her concept of Slow Love and her new project, Moms Clean Air Force.

Here are is an excerpt from Stacey Gualandi’s radio interview with Dominique along with some inspiring photos from her blog…   [Read more…]


Dominique Browning’s December—— The Month of Gratitude

Dominique Browning

There’s a fascinating interview by Patti Verbanas in New Jersey Life, Heath and Beauty Magazine with Dominique Browning, the author of “SLOW LOVE: How I Lost My Job, Put On My Pajamas and Found Happiness”; the beautifully crafted blog SLOW LIVE LOVE; and many books.

House & GardenShe’s always been one of my favorite writers and editors ever since she put House & Garden Magazine on the map with its fascinating articles and beautiful layouts. Remember the gorgeous covers?

Her most recent blog proclaims December to be the Month of Gratitude. The idea was sparked by an unusual nativity scene she spotted outside a church in Tiverton, Rhode Island. Check out the blog and you’ll see her heartwrenching photograph of an unforgettable group of carved figures. It’s definitely not your average Christmas scene.

Dominique Browning's Book

The recent book, as you’ll see in this New York Times review, is a moving study of her life as it fell apart in 2007. Overnight her beloved magazine folded after 12 years under her helm and she found herself living in Rhode Island in a whole new environment.

The journey back to happiness that she describes opening and honestly is a wise and comforting one. Her website is very special and definitely worth checking out. She now makes time to enjoy and document every moment with eyes that take it all in.

Dominique Browning Writes About Recovery From Job Loss

Frances Palmer/NYT

Dominique Browning, the author of  a new book “Slow Love– How I Lost My Job, Put on My Pajamas, and Found Happiness,” is about her life after losing her position as editor of House and Garden Magazine where she worked for 13 years.   The magazine went out of business overnight.   Her journey back to recovery is a wonderful read by a very talented writer.

To read a review:  Slow Love Browning Cover

NY Times

To view her blog:

Slow Love Life

Question:  Have you had an experience losing a job and dealing with the change in your life?