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Photographer-Chef Barbara Massaad Brings Lifesaving Soup To Syrian Refugees

Barbara Massaad, author Soup for Syria at refugee camp Bekaa Valley

Barbara Massaad at a Bekaa refugee camp in Lebanon

By Pamela Burke/Oct. 6, 2015
Photos Courtesy Barbara Massaad

When you see photos of the refugees streaming out of Syria, you wonder how these people can endure the journey to another country, how they can find food and safe shelter for their families. They seem to be facing impossible odds.

If not for humanitarians like Barbara Abdeni Massaad (@BarbaraMassaad), who is reaching out to these nomads with her “Soup for Syria” project, their struggle to survive would be an even greater challenge.

“I went to visit the refugee camp, not really knowing what to expect or what one could do to help. But my visit brought me closer to the problem and inspired me to find a way to ease someone’s pain.” Barbara Massaad

We met Barbara through our TWE pal Beth Howard, AKA The Pie Lady and author of Ms. American Pie. Beth recently travelled the world promoting cultural tolerance with her one-of-a-kind pies and outreach. She met Barbara in Lebanon and told us about her special “Soup for Syria” cause and cookbook.

When we heard about Barbara’s passion to help refugees, we wanted to spread her message on TWE. Thanks, Beth, for the introduction.  And now we want to introduce you to photographer-chef Barbara Massaad in Beirut, Lebanon…   [Read more…]