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“Geek Girls Are Rising” Say Authors Heather Cabot and Samantha Walravens

Authors Samantha Walravens and Heather Cabot of Geek Girl Rising/Photo provided by them | The Women's Eye Magazine and Radio Show

Authors Samantha Walravens and Heather Cabot

By Patricia Caso/July 28, 2017
Photos Courtesy Samantha Walravens and Heather Cabot

“Dream It, Do It, Own It” is one of the chapter titles for Geek Girl Rising–Inside the Sisterhood Shaking Up Tech, authored by Heather Cabot and Samantha Walravens. That title is bigger than a motivational thought. It aptly describes the women in STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) who have been consistently breaking through in the tech world for years now.

Geek Girl Rising is on a mission to elevate the voices of women in technology and encourage women and girls to join the digital revolution — and create the future!” Samantha Walravens

In fact, now there are more support systems, role models and careers for young girls who have STEM interests. I wanted to find out more from Heather and Samantha about their findings on what STEM opportunities and challenges face young “geek” women and coming generations… [Read more…]

TOP 10: Shooting for Space, to Make Life Better on Earth

Elaine Flowers Duncan/Photo: NASA

Shooting for Space, to Make Life Better on Earth: B. Lam–theatlantic.com–10/17/16–Photo: NASA

TOP 10: 3 Astronauts Walk Into NPR…

NASA scientist Ellen Stofan/astronauts S. Cristoforetti/Serena Aunon/Cady Coleman/Photo: J. Tsuboike/NPR

3 Astronauts Walk Into NPR…: Laura Wagner–npr.org–9/16/15–Photo: Jun Tsuboike/NPR

TOP 10: Will the Next Einstein Be a Woman from Camaroon?

Next Einstein from Camaroon?/Makers.com

Will the Next Einstein Be a Woman from Camaroon?: makers.com–3/15/15

PHOTO OF WEEK: LEGO Launches Set of Toy Female Scientist Figurines

LEGO Responds to 7-Year-Old Charlotte’s Request for Girl Adventurers

After receiving a letter from Charlotte Benjamin, LEGO began to create a set of female
characters which show “girl people wanting to go on adventures” as this 7-year-old requested.
Their newest collection is called the Research Institute Play Set reports ABC.

LEGOS Female Scientist Figurines

The set was created by geophysicist Ellen Kooijman and includes an astronomer,
a paleontologist and a chemist. Our TWE story about Vice President and
@InnovationDean Mitzi Montoya at Arizona State University reported the need for
more toys from companies like LEGO that would appeal to and inspire young girls.

Congrats to the LEGO company and Ms. Kooijman
for creating this new ‘Institute’!


Innovation Dean Mitzi Montoya on Rock Stars in STEM

Mitzi Montoya, ASU Dean of Innovation at 85 Broads Luncheon 3/3/14

Mitzi Montoya, ASU’s Innovation Dean, speaking at 85 Broads Arizona luncheon 3/3/14
Photo: Bob McCarroll

By Pamela Burke/March 30, 2014

Recently I attended an 85 Broads Arizona “Amazing Women” event that featured a TED-like talk by Mitzi Montoya, Vice President and University Dean of Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Arizona State University. She made me understand the meaning and importance of STEM, especially for young girls who are growing up in a world where these sciences are essential to their future choice of profession.

“STEM is about innovation. And it’s not just about getting a degree in Science and Technology, Engineering and Math. It’s about being STEM literate. That’s the foundation of future innovation and innovators. These are people who make a difference and they make things that matter.”   Mitzi Montoya @innovationdean

Dean Montoya’s call to action is to get involved and after you read her speech, you’ll know why. We don’t usually post talks but this is one we wanted to share. Here’s Mitzi Montoya…. [Read more…]

TOP 10: The Girl Who Codes

Nikita Rau, Girl Who Codes/Photo: Lauren Lancaster

The Girl Who Codes: Jillian Goodman–fastcompany.com–11/24/13–Photo of Nikita Rau by Lauren Lancaster

TOP 10: Helping Disaster Victims with One Simple Text

Marion Croak, Helping Disaster VIctims with Texts

Helping Disaster Victims with One Simple Text: dailybeast.com–10/28/13