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TOP 10: The 14 Women Who Dominated the SXSW Film Festival

Women of SXSW/Photo: Variety

The 14 Women Who Dominated the SXSW Film Festival: Ramin Setoodeh–variety.com–3/20/15–Photo: SXSW

PERSON OF THE DAY: Lizzie Velasquez Stars in New Anti-Bullying Documentary

Lizzie Velasquez, subject of documentary "A Brave heart"

Lizzie Velasquez on Capitol Hill/Photo: Women Rising

By Stacey Gualandi/March 12, 2015

TWITTER: @littlelizziev

The first time I ever heard Lizzie Velasquez speak was in October, 2014, at the Life is Beautiful festival in Las Vegas, an annual three-day event she inspired. She immediately captured my heart with the story of her emotional journey from bullying victim to anti-bullying activist.

While this was my first introduction, the 26-year-old was already a web sensation, with over seven million views and counting on her 2013 TEDxAustinWomen speech. She may weigh only 62 pounds at her heaviest, but she is no lightweight when it comes to speaking out against bullies.

How Do YOU Define Yourself: Lizzie Velasquez at TEDXAustinWomen

Velasquez was born with neonatal progeroid syndrome, an extremely rare genetic condition that prevents her from gaining weight. Throughout her life, she has faced one bully after another for looking “different.” But in high school, she saw an online video post that named her “The World’s Ugliest Woman.” That video would change the course of her life…   [Read more…]