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TOP 10: Drawing on the Memories of Syrian Women

Hanane Kai--Lebanese illustrator/Daily Beast

Drawing on the Memories of Syrian Women: Masha Hamilton–dailybeast.com–11/28/14

TOP 10: Are We Listening to Syria’s Women and Girls?

Are We Listening to Syria's Women and Girls/Daily Beast

Are We Listening to Syria’s Women and Girls?: Miliband/Verveer–dailybeast.com–9/28/14

PHOTO OF THE WEEK: War Through a Woman’s Eye

Writer Aimee Baldridge spoke to a handful of women photojournalists
about their experiences covering war for American Photo. Go to their website to see more of these special photographs. Heidi Levine shot the photo below for Sipa Press.


Syrian women cross the border into Jordan, February 8, 2013

Syrian women cross the border into Jordan from American Photo website/Photo: Heidi Levine

Heidi has covered the Israeli-Palestinian conflict for more than 25 years,
shooting photos for the French agency Sipa since 1993.


She’s a mother of three who told American Photo that having children
draws me closer and fuels my passion to do what I do because
as much as I cover conflict, I hate conflict and war.

Author-Activist Samar Yazbek Speaks About The Syrian Uprising From Exile

Samar Yazbek, Syrian Activist and Author of "A Woman In The Crossroads" | Photo: Manaf Azzam

Samar Yazbek/Photo: Manaf Azzam

By Patricia Caso/January 8, 2013

For nearly two  years, we’ve been watching the incredulous events unfold in the Syrian revolt against the Assad regime.  In the midst of this tragedy is Samar Yazbek, a Syrian novelist, journalist and activist.  She has penned nearly a dozen books including five novels.  Her most recent non-fiction work, A Woman in the Crossfire: Diaries of the Syrian Revolution, chronicles the first four months of the uprising.

“My purpose in writing the book is to deliver the voice of truth and justice.”  Samar Yazbek

Although from the same Alawite sect as President al-Assad, Samar used her celebrity and and savvy with social media to protest the regime.  She participated in peaceful demonstrations publicly and verbally, challenged her country’s leaders, and writes about how she was ultimately disowned by her relatives, arrested, beaten, and had to flee the country.

Her book is an unvarnished and sobering account of what she describes as the abuse and violence against the Syrian people. Through Yasmina Jraissati, her literary agent, I was able to ask Samar about her mission, her motivation, and her eyewitness account of the Syrian uprising…  [Read more…]

TOP 10: Inside Syria, a Grandma Faces Down War

Screenshot from video: Syria's Forgotten

Inside Syria, a Grandma Faces Down War: Nicholas D. Kristof–nytimes.com–11/20/12–Photo: Syria’s Forgotten Video

TOP 10: Syria’s Women of the Revolution Indispensible to Rebel Fight

Syria's Women Fighters/Photo: Daniel Etter/Redux

Syria’s Women of the Revolution Indispensable to Rebel Fight: Mike Giglio–dailybeast.com–10/4/12–Photo: Daniel Etter/Redux