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TOP 10: Unique Progress at Thistle Farms Helps Women Escape Streets

Becca Stevens, Thistle Farms/Photo: K.athleen Toner

Unique Progress at Thistle Farms Helps Women Escape Streets: Kathleen Toner–cnn.com–6/3/16–Photo: K. Toner

INTERVIEW: Rev. Becca Stevens Uses Tea to Transform Women’s Lives Worldwide

Rev. Becca Stevens and staff of Thistle Farms/Credit: Thistle Farms

Becca Stevens and the staff of Thistle Farms/Photo: Thistle Farms

UPDATE 6/3/16Becca Stevens CNN Hero: Unique Program Helps Women Escape Streets, Transforms Lives

By Patricia Caso/March 23, 2015

TWITTER: @RevBeccaStevens

Having always enjoyed a cup of tea at any time of day, I never thought of it as an agent for women’s transformation. Reverend Becca Stevens has, locally and globally. Her Thistle Farms, a multifaceted enterprise to rescue women survivors of prostitution, drugs and trafficking, and Becca’s Tea Café have led to a worldwide movement to emancipate women from the streets.  Her motto: “Love Heals.”

“I’m part of a group of women who are not afraid to speak their truths, that are not afraid to test their ideals out in the marketplace, and that believe that we have a rightful place in leading movements.”  Rev. Becca Stevens 

Catching up with Becca in Nashville, Tennessee by phone, I got a glimpse into the hows and whys of her dynamic social vision, including how she built a million-dollar-plus company.

She depicts her fascinating journey in her book, The Way of Tea and Justice: Rescuing the World’s Favorite Beverage from its Violent History…  [Read more…]