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COMING TO TWE RADIO: Lee Woodruff Returns to The Women’s Eye

Lee Woodruff, author of her debut novel, "Those We Love Most"We are delighted to welcome back Lee Woodruff to TWE Radio. She’s a writer (this is her third book), CBS This Morning Contributor, and motivational speaker.  She talked about her upcoming debut novel, Those We Love Most, last year on The Women’s Eye with Stacey Gualandi, and we’re delighted that it’s just been published.

She’ll guest with Stacey in October (date to be announced) on 1480KPHX  and discuss recovering from loss, the resiliency it takes to move forward and a host of other topics.

Lee Woodruff book, "Those We Love Most"Lee authored Perfectly Imperfect-A Life in Progress and In an Instant, co-written with her husband, ABC News correspondent Bob Woodruff , who suffered traumatic brain injuries as a result of being hit by a roadside bomb in Iraq.  They both work tirelessly for Remind.org, their foundation to assist those wounded in the service and their families.

Don’t forget to tune in to TWE Radio Oct. 27 and 28!