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PHOTO OF THE WEEK: Shoveling Off the Finish Line in Boston

“Not Just a Strip of Paint on the Road”

We woke up this morning to see this haunting picture on social media of a man
shoveling a strip in the middle of a street. With a closer look it turns out that it’s not just
any street…it’s the finish line of the Boston Marathon.

Boston Finish Line shoveler/Boston Police Twitter

Chris Laudani, the bartender now known as the “Boston Shoveler” who runs
in the Marathon every year, meant to clear the snow so that a few people
might see the historic site that means so much to him.

He told ESPN, “The Boston Marathon is the greatest marathon in the world.
It’s a huge symbol for our city and it’s not going to be covered by snow.”

When he heard that the photo went viral and people were calling him a hero, he said no, that there were folks working around the clock clearing snow in the city. Those were the heroes.

But he was happy that everyone who saw the picture was as proud of the Marathon
and the city as he is. How can they not be anything but proud of him.

Photo: Phillip L. Hillman

Tweeted by the Boston Police Department

PHOTO OF THE WEEK: Cheryl Najafi’s Dip and Decorate Jack-O-Lantern Cookies

We’re Ready for Halloween with Cheryl Najafi’s Edible Pumpkin Patch

If you’re looking for a fun way to add a little Halloween magic to your regular cookie supply,
take a look at these festive pumpkins conjured up by style expert Cheryl Najafi.
They are nestled in their own patch of fine chocolate cookie crumbs.

Cheryl Najafi's Jack-O-Lantern cookies/Photo: CherylStyle

Check out the recipe for these delightful party creations on Cheryl’s website. We are pleased to tell you that she’ll be joining us on The Women’s Eye Radio Show soon with guest host Gloria Feldt. This stay-at-home mom turned entrepreneur will share secrets to building a successful business.

She’ll also be talking about her new book of classic family recipes, Mother Daughter Dishes, where she’s recreated delicious foods she grew up with. She has tips on
how to reinvent your favorites from the past, too.

 Have fun creating your own pumpkin treats!


PHOTO OF THE WEEK: Mimo Khair’s Poignant Photo of Young Syrian Refugee

Photo of Syrian Refugee by Mimo Khair Featured on Flickr Series

Lebanese Photographer Mimo Khair was moved to shoot this picture of Reem,
a 9-year-old Syrian refugee, when she noticed the message “I love you”
written on her hand in both English and Arabic.

The young girl with the striking green eyes was living in a camp
in northern Lebanon when the photo was taken in July, 2013.

  Mimo Khair photograph of Syrian girl

Mimo learned that Reem lost both her parents and her whole family
and was struck by “how she could stand there, her eyes shining, and think of love.”

You can see more of Mimo’s photos in the episode of The Weekly Flickr blog,
“Moments of Emotion from Around the World.”

Our TWE interview with Mimo is currently posted.

Photo: Mimo Khair

PHOTO OF THE WEEK: Remembering the Victims of 9/11

Pausing to Remember the Nearly 3,000 Victims of 9/11
on the Thirteenth Anniversary

A friend reflects at the North Pool, Panel N-67, of the 9/11 Memorial


Remembering the Victims of 9/11 at the North Pool World Trade Center


 “In the longer aftermath of 9/11, it is the connection between public service,
commemoration and remembrance. People have chosen to do things that are constructive
in the world in memory of those who were violently taken from us.


That’s really part of the encounter in this 9/11 Museum—what kind of world do we
want to leave our children and grandchildren? And, how do we get there?”


Alice Greenwald, 9/11 Museum Director

PHOTO OF THE WEEK: Dad Photographs Daughter Each Day for 18 Years

Munish Bansal Takes Photo of Daughter Suman Every Day for 18 Years

The extraordinary collection of pictures taken by accountant Munish Bansal in England of daughter Suman is a wonderful tribute to a very special father-daughter relationship.


TWE Photo of Week--Munish Bansal photos of daughter Suman Bansal

Munish wanted to see the change in his daughter from month to month beginning with the ultrasound scan to when she turned 18 this past May. She posed an incredible 6,575 times. Check out the Huffington Post and you can see more of the amazing montage he put together.

Photo by Munish Bansal/Rex/REX USA

TWE PHOTO OF THE WEEK: A Million Tweets Go Out for #BringBackOurGirls

#BringBackOurGirls Tweeted One Million Times to Bring
Attention to Kidnapping of Nigerian Schoolgirls

The movement to free over 200 Nigerian schoolgirls from their kidnappers keeps growing through the twitterverse. Started to bring attention to the plight of these young women and to pressure
authorities to find them, the hashtag #BringBackOur Girls is circulating globally.

(We have honored a request to remove the photo.)


The BBC reports that there’s a team of  20-30 people who have organized
the campaign in Abuja. Their media spokesperson, Rotini Olawale, says:


“Every day counts. We want the government to tell us what efforts are being made to find them.”


For the most recent developments, go to #BringBackOurGirls  @BBCOG_Nigeria.

PHOTO OF THE WEEK: Boston Marathoners Triumph Over Tragedy at the 2014 Finish Line

Survivors of the Boston Marathon Tragedy
Triumphed at the 2014 Finish Line

The photos in the Boston Globe speak for the courage and resilience of the Marathon runners. Below is a
powerful picture of the Corcoran family taken by the Globe staff as crowds cheered.

 Corcoran family crosses Boston Marathon finish line/2014/Boston Globe

Celeste Corcoran, who lost both legs below the knees in the bombing, crossed the finish line
having run the last block with her daughter, Sydney (r), who was severely injured last April.
Celeste’s sister, Carmen Acabbo, joined them (l).


“The negative power is gone from this spot,” said Corcoran. “Terrorists never, ever, win.”
The Globe described the new tatoo on her wrist as reading, “choose to live.”
You can see more Globe photos here.

Photo:  John Tlumacki/Globe Staff

PHOTO OF THE WEEK: AP Photographer Anja Niedringhaus Killed in Afghanistan

Pulitzer Prize-winning AP photographer Anja Niedringhaus Killed While Covering the Presidential Election in Afghanistan 4/4/14

Here is this internationally-acclaimed photographer’s picture of hundreds of U.S. Marines gathered at Camp Commando in Kuwait desert during Christmas Eve visit by Santa Claus. 12/24/02


Photo by Anja Niedringhaus who was killed in Afghanistan

The Huffington Post posted several of Anja’s photos and this quote about her:

“What the world knows about Iraq, they largely know because of her pictures and the pictures by the photographers she raised and beat into shape,” said AP photographer David Guttenfelder. “I know they always ask themselves, ‘What would Anja do?’ when they go out with their cameras. I think we all do.”


Photo: Anja Niedringhaus/AP File