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TOP 10: Jo Malone: Came Up Smelling Like Roses After Cancer

Jo Malone book, My Story/TWE Top 10

Jo Malone: Came Up Smelling Like Roses After Cancer: Leah Wald–forbes.com–1/2/17

TWE INTERVIEW: How Lauren Daniels HEALS Families Touched by Cancer

Lauren Daniels and daughters at FairyTale Tea, 4-16/Photo: P. Burke

Lauren Daniels with daughters Kayli (l) and Gracie (r) at HEAL’s Fairytale Tea

By Catherine Anaya/May 5, 2016
Photos: P. Burke

Lauren Daniels is one of the wonderful women I have had the pleasure of meeting.  At age 35 she was told she had breast cancer. That diagnosis changed the direction of her life.

I was very fortunate. Other people had $100,000 worth of medical bills. So we decided that we wanted to provide hope to some of these moms as they were going through this. –Lauren Daniels

She saw the tremendous need to help moms and their families who were dealing with the challenges and the expenses of cancer just as she was. Lauren is truly healing through her organization HEAL–Happily Ever After League–in the home she calls Healing House.

Lauren and HEAL give one of the most creative and fun fundraising teas you could ever imagine–The Fairytale Tea–once a year to raise money for the non-profit. Some of the unique tables at their recent April gathering are pictured here.

It was such an honor to have her guest with me on The Women’s Eye Radio Show…   [Read more…]